Hey Y’all!

I’m back from Vegas! I’m exhausted, but I had so much fun and am still way over stuffed. Vegas sucked me in. I ended up spending way too much money, but when in Rome, right? It’s a good thing I only go once a year. It’ll take a full year to recover.

On to Hope’s Decree. . .

I’m back to editing (again) but hope to finish quickly. A bit of info: I was asked if Hope’s Decree would be on all e-book formats (Nook). I replied saying it would be BUT I was mistaken. Go figure. I was informed that Hope’s Decree will be on (KDP select–Kindle Direct Publishing) Amazon for the first 3 months or so. Afterward, I have the option of branching out. . .if sales prove favorable. What does this mean??? BUY the crap out it! Buy a copy for your mom, sister, aunt, dad, boyfriend, neighbor, or anyone else you can think of so we can justify adding it to other e-book venues. For questions regarding reviews or ARCS, please visit Untold Press for more info.

Now it is time for a quote:

“Crystal’s words unlocked something inside me, a longing I would never have. Even surrounded by others emotions, I felt alone–distant. Besides, why would anyone want to be with a person who felt the tug of darkness? I never understood the reason behind my unsettling dark feelings–my faceless evil–I just did. In the end, I knew I’d always be alone.”

(Say what?)

Enjoy Peeps,


Time out

Tragic events have taken place these last few days, and I’d like to write a short post regarding those who’ve been hit by devastation. Firstly, to everyone who lost a loved one, neighbor, or friend in the terrible storms in Oklahoma. I pray you find peace within the wreckage soon. 

Secondly, a close friend of mine recently learned that her sister and niece were murdered in their home Sunday morning. I cannot imagine what an awful feeling she and her family must be facing. Please send your thoughts and prayers.

People tend to travel through life without the possibility that something devastating may happen. However, tragedy can strike, and usually when least expected. Live life to the best of your abilities. Remember to show the ones you love how much they mean to you. Give a smile to a stranger. Say thank you. Say I love you, and forgive those who’ve hurt you.  It’s the small, seemingly insignificant moments we take for granted.

Peace and prayers to all 

Turn it up Thursday

So, a song comes on the radio, one you’ve heard tons of times, and the words click. You turn it up louder. Suddenly, you can’t help but think, what an absolute perfect song for so and so’s character. Does this happen to anyone else? I ask because, last night Rascal Flatts: What Hurts the Most came on and I couldn’t believe how perfect it fit for Tristan and Elle! OMG! I downloaded the song right away. What music do you like listening to while writing or reading? Let me know.

Teaser #2

Chapter 1

“Fear and terror spread like fire. I began to shake, and my stomach rolled with nausea. His unbreakable hold suffocated the light inside of me and the darkness emerged.”



Wake-up Wednesday

I promised teasers, and I always keep my promises. 

Chapter 1

“In the distance, a flash of light caught my attention. I watched, transfixed as it expanded and molded into the solid figure of a man. Curiosity or stupidity—not sure which—drew me toward him. With each step, my insides stirred; a desperate need beckoning me.”  

Well, whatcha think? More to come…

What I’m working on

I’ve finished up another round of edits for Hope’s Decree (formerly known as Fated) and now have time to get to my New Adult piece I’ve been playing around with. Ya wanna know the name? I know you do. Distraction. Isn’t it fabulous! I know right. So, lead characters names are Tristan and Elle. Tristan is an awesome college football player. You know, the type girls swoon over. Sorry ladies, he has a girlfriend, Kellie. Wait, what? It’s not Elle? Nope. Elle is sweet, way too kind, and totally in love with her best-friend, Tristan. And so the story goes from there. Like? Hate? Let me know.  Why another football story? Well, I love the game. Not as much as I love baseball. So why not make Tristan a baseball player? Well, I love a challenge and since I’m not great with all those football terms, I’m learning as I go. There is a hot baseball player in the mix. Eric. A love interest for Elle? Maybe;)


On to Hope’s Decree. I have been given the okay to release teasers. YAY! But I’m not sure what teasers to give out because I have so many favorites and I can’t give ’em all away. Cover art is in the works and I cannot wait to see it. I’ll reveal as soon as I get it. PROMISE.




A suck kind of day

I don’t think there was enough coffee in the world to help lift my mood today. I did make it through, (obviously or I wouldn’t be writing this… or maybe I’ve been hacked and an unknown is here in my place? Hmm) but only barely. Figuring out which java to download for my Macbook Pro, how to download Keepvid, how to make a damn book trailer, SUCKS(ed)! Just sayin’

I’m out, but hoping tomorrow will be a better day…

Oh, my book blog tour is coming along nicely! ~happy dances~ Will post more when I, well, know more. 

Random stuff, and stuff

Okay, so I’ve been on twitter for, um, let’s say a month. I suck at it. At first, while reading other tweets, I noticed R/T and then stuff they wrote after it. Well, being a nurse, I assumed R/T meant related to. So, nothing made sense. At work, I asked one of my doctors, “Hey, what does R/T mean?” He looked at me like I’d grown two heads or something. Anyway. I said, “Does it mean related to you?” He laughed, and then laughed some more. Finally, when all the laughter stopped, he said, “It means retweet.” Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle. So, a few days later I got a tweet saying ‘have a FF.’ Now, I’d just finished reading Bared to You by Sylvia Day, so you can only imagine what type of word suggestions ran through my head. After I settled down, I figured out what FF meant (I think). Have a Fabulous Friday or Freaky Friday or something like that.  


Now I’ve stayed up way past my bed time (the rebel that I am) and hopefully I’ll be able to get my kids up in the morning, and make it to work, safely. We shall see…


Nighty night.