What I’m working on

I’ve finished up another round of edits for Hope’s Decree (formerly known as Fated) and now have time to get to my New Adult piece I’ve been playing around with. Ya wanna know the name? I know you do. Distraction. Isn’t it fabulous! I know right. So, lead characters names are Tristan and Elle. Tristan is an awesome college football player. You know, the type girls swoon over. Sorry ladies, he has a girlfriend, Kellie. Wait, what? It’s not Elle? Nope. Elle is sweet, way too kind, and totally in love with her best-friend, Tristan. And so the story goes from there. Like? Hate? Let me know.  Why another football story? Well, I love the game. Not as much as I love baseball. So why not make Tristan a baseball player? Well, I love a challenge and since I’m not great with all those football terms, I’m learning as I go. There is a hot baseball player in the mix. Eric. A love interest for Elle? Maybe;)


On to Hope’s Decree. I have been given the okay to release teasers. YAY! But I’m not sure what teasers to give out because I have so many favorites and I can’t give ’em all away. Cover art is in the works and I cannot wait to see it. I’ll reveal as soon as I get it. PROMISE.




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