Turn it up Thursday

So, a song comes on the radio, one you’ve heard tons of times, and the words click. You turn it up louder. Suddenly, you can’t help but think, what an absolute perfect song for so and so’s character. Does this happen to anyone else? I ask because, last night Rascal Flatts: What Hurts the Most came on and I couldn’t believe how perfect it fit for Tristan and Elle! OMG! I downloaded the song right away. What music do you like listening to while writing or reading? Let me know.

Teaser #2

Chapter 1

“Fear and terror spread like fire. I began to shake, and my stomach rolled with nausea. His unbreakable hold suffocated the light inside of me and the darkness emerged.”



4 thoughts on “Turn it up Thursday

  1. I don’t listen to music while I write, but I do to get the story idea in my head. I’ve often heard songs that are just perfect for certain characters 🙂 For example for Aro and Prince I like quite a few of the lyrics in Pink’s song Try.


    1. Oh I love that song! I already have an outline for book 2 of Distraction and Try is on the top list! However, I’m still trying to finish the first book, so Try is on hold. LOL

      LOVE ARO and PRINCE!!!!!!! *sigh*


    1. Cool. I like creating a playlist for each book. Some songs are for specific characters. When I go back and re-read/edit, I turn up the playlist and jam…could be why I miss stuff while editing, but it’s so much fun. LOL


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