Time out

Tragic events have taken place these last few days, and I’d like to write a short post regarding those who’ve been hit by devastation. Firstly, to everyone who lost a loved one, neighbor, or friend in the terrible storms in Oklahoma. I pray you find peace within the wreckage soon. 

Secondly, a close friend of mine recently learned that her sister and niece were murdered in their home Sunday morning. I cannot imagine what an awful feeling she and her family must be facing. Please send your thoughts and prayers.

People tend to travel through life without the possibility that something devastating may happen. However, tragedy can strike, and usually when least expected. Live life to the best of your abilities. Remember to show the ones you love how much they mean to you. Give a smile to a stranger. Say thank you. Say I love you, and forgive those who’ve hurt you.  It’s the small, seemingly insignificant moments we take for granted.

Peace and prayers to all 

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