Hey Y’all!

I’m back from Vegas! I’m exhausted, but I had so much fun and am still way over stuffed. Vegas sucked me in. I ended up spending way too much money, but when in Rome, right? It’s a good thing I only go once a year. It’ll take a full year to recover.

On to Hope’s Decree. . .

I’m back to editing (again) but hope to finish quickly. A bit of info: I was asked if Hope’s Decree would be on all e-book formats (Nook). I replied saying it would be BUT I was mistaken. Go figure. I was informed that Hope’s Decree will be on (KDP select–Kindle Direct Publishing) Amazon for the first 3 months or so. Afterward, I have the option of branching out. . .if sales prove favorable. What does this mean??? BUY the crap out it! Buy a copy for your mom, sister, aunt, dad, boyfriend, neighbor, or anyone else you can think of so we can justify adding it to other e-book venues. For questions regarding reviews or ARCS, please visit Untold Press for more info.

Now it is time for a quote:

“Crystal’s words unlocked something inside me, a longing I would never have. Even surrounded by others emotions, I felt alone–distant. Besides, why would anyone want to be with a person who felt the tug of darkness? I never understood the reason behind my unsettling dark feelings–my faceless evil–I just did. In the end, I knew I’d always be alone.”

(Say what?)

Enjoy Peeps,


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