A suck kind of day

I don’t think there was enough coffee in the world to help lift my mood today. I did make it through, (obviously or I wouldn’t be writing this… or maybe I’ve been hacked and an unknown is here in my place? Hmm) but only barely. Figuring out which java to download for my Macbook Pro, how to download Keepvid, how to make a damn book trailer, SUCKS(ed)! Just sayin’

I’m out, but hoping tomorrow will be a better day…

Oh, my book blog tour is coming along nicely! ~happy dances~ Will post more when I, well, know more. 

Random stuff, and stuff

Okay, so I’ve been on twitter for, um, let’s say a month. I suck at it. At first, while reading other tweets, I noticed R/T and then stuff they wrote after it. Well, being a nurse, I assumed R/T meant related to. So, nothing made sense. At work, I asked one of my doctors, “Hey, what does R/T mean?” He looked at me like I’d grown two heads or something. Anyway. I said, “Does it mean related to you?” He laughed, and then laughed some more. Finally, when all the laughter stopped, he said, “It means retweet.” Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle. So, a few days later I got a tweet saying ‘have a FF.’ Now, I’d just finished reading Bared to You by Sylvia Day, so you can only imagine what type of word suggestions ran through my head. After I settled down, I figured out what FF meant (I think). Have a Fabulous Friday or Freaky Friday or something like that.  


Now I’ve stayed up way past my bed time (the rebel that I am) and hopefully I’ll be able to get my kids up in the morning, and make it to work, safely. We shall see…


Nighty night.



Sooo Excited — Check Out My New Cover for Warrior

Awesome! Can’t wait to read the new book , Warrior, by Joanne Wadsworth! Be sure to check out the frist book: Protector.

Joanne Wadsworth

What a magical moment I had last Wednesday. WARRIOR’s cover arrived from my publisher, which meant I spent the entire day printing off copies and pinning them around the house. Yep, my hubby and kiddies couldn’t walk anywhere without seeing the image. So, huge thanks to Renee Rocco of Lyrical Press NY for her skilful hand at cover-art.

Warrior is book two in my YA fantasy romance series. Each book features a new heroine and hero, and Warrior is the story of Hope and Silas. Although the characters from the first book, Protector, feature prominently throughout the second, so you’ll not miss catching up with Faith and Davio along the way. Also, as both the heroines from the two books are from the famed Wincrest line, the images of the two girls are strikingly similar. So, here it is, WARRIOR’s cover. I hope you enjoy.


WARRIOR ~~ Magio-Earth Book Two ~~ Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance.

COMING    ~~ November 4th 2013 with…

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I’ve been rethinking the title of my book. I love the current title, Fated, but there are sooo many out there. These are the few I’ve come up with:

Hope’s Legacy

Hope Reborn

Hope’s Salvation


Give me your suggestions! 

Book Release

I have a scheduled book release date for FATED: Ready? Okay, it’s set for August 15, 2013! Whoop Whoop! I am so freaking excited right now. I’ll keep everyone updated when I get the cover art sent to me. YAY!!!!!!!!! *Dancing like a crazy person*