I’m having such a great day! I’ve gotten up to 100 likes on my FB author page since launching it last night. So amazing, and now it’s time for a double quote…

*Trinity and Blain*

No, person didn’t really fit–freaking hot god was more like it.

His dark jeans fit low around his hips. The solid black T-shirt provided a nice peek-a-boo at what would show underneath, and when my eyes met his ocean blue ones, I was a goner.

We stared at each other a few more seconds. The breeze outside messed up his wheat colored hair, making him look even hotter.

And one more…

My day was looking up, until he spoke. “Looks like you forgot to brush your hair this morning.” His eyes ran down my body, briefly stopping at my chest, which made me remember I didn’t have a bra on. My breathing increased. “And you should really brush your teeth.” What the hell?


What did y’all think? Send me names, pics of who Blain looks like to you.  Ready…Go!

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