Fight scene

Sorry I wasn’t able to get this posted last night. It was my 14th wedding anniversary and we had dinner plans…at a fast food place, and then I went home and crashed. I guess being married for 14 years will do that to a person, lol. I’ll post a music video next. Let me know what you think of the fight scene!!! 

I felt the hum of electricity course through me, but I held back hoping to throw her at the last minute.

“I’m a little disappointed.” She stalked closer, the light between her hands pulsed between black and electric blue. “I so wanted you to put up more of a fight.”

Suddenly she threw her basketball sized energy toward me. I dodged to the left then sprang back on my feet, ready to use my powers.

“Too slow little girl.” She knocked me back a few feet in the air with the wave of her hand. The impact didn’t hurt too bad, but tiny lights danced in front of my eyes as I tried to get back up. I heard her footsteps coming closer, and the back of my hair was yanked, forcing me to my feet.

“This is boring.” She slammed my head into the ground.
I could do two things, call for backup or kick some ass. I chose the second. Spinning around, I let my energy take hold. My chest heaved and a small trickle of wetness snaked down my face.

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