Broken Prince Book Review

Okay, this is an amazing book, but I’m going to take my time before I write a full review. Why? Because I need to do it justice. Hang on lil ponies, review will be written shortly…

I’m back with a full review 🙂

So, in Broken Aro we’re left with the characters facing a long journey to take Prince back to his homeland. Well, Broken Prince picks up there and the crew is off. BUT! not long after the story begins, there’s devastation. I won’t elaborate, but let me tell you, UGH! my eyes misted over. During their journey, a new character is introduced, and just when you think you will never get over the devastation, you begin to like the new guy…or I wouldn’t say guy, he’s a….

Of course the whole prophecy thing is brought into play when the infuriating Dragon pops in, but being intrigued enough, he actually helps Aro and the others out…a few times. Shocker, I know. 

Broken Prince has plenty of action and near death experiences, but it is the potential LOVE story that grabbed me. I’m a sucker for romance. Fey or Elven Prince? I love Kei, but I really, really, REALLY (in case you didn’t get the first really) want Aro and Prince together. But Prince is an arrogant jerk–as most male characters tend to be–and he keeps poor Aro at a distance. Until… 

That’s all you get. A brief sneak peak, but not enough to give away important details. Oh, wait! Did you want to know who Aro picks? Here it is….Sucker, lol.

Be sure to pick up your copy today…you will NOT be disappointed. 


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