Sick kids

Sorry I haven’t posted anything. I’ve had one of ‘those’ weeks. Monday, my daughter was sick. Like, I couldn’t leave her side. Poor baby. Anyway, Tuesday afternoon she was finally better. Wednesday, I went to work as usual, but when I got home, my son decided he wanted some attention. He got sick…103 fever AND my freaking A/C went out. Thursday was very long and HOT! A/C guy came out, fixed what was broken, but told me I needed to start saving up for a new unit. Fabulous. Friday, well, it was cooler and my kids are now feeling better. How was your week?  

Are y’all ready for a teaser? Well, here ya go:

“As in five o’clock in the freaking morning? Do you realize how early that is?” I followed after him.

Without warning, he tossed a bottle of water at me, which I caught. “Nope, no joke. Now I’ve got to get some beauty sleep, and based on the way you look, you could use a little yourself.”



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