Interview with Julie Campbell


Meet and greet with author Julie Campbell (J.A. Campbell)

Q: I’ve read Sabaska’s Tale and just loved it! Do have a particular section you enjoyed writing most?  

A: I really enjoyed writing the action scenes and the maze scene at the end. I really like to write action scenes, and it seems like I enjoy beating up my characters. Another section I enjoyed was the trip Anna takes with Raymond to a mountain top she’d never have seen otherwise. The scenery was beautiful to write.

Ooh, I remember the mountain top!

Q: How many books will be in this series? 

A: My plan is for three initially featuring Sabaska. After those three, we’ll see. 

I’m also working on a prequel that features a Traveler named Saga. It happens far in the past. 

Nice! Will be on the look out for that one as well. 

Q: Do you have a title in mind for the second book? Will there be any new characters, love interests for Anne? 

A: Anne’s best friend, Karen will be heavily involved. No new love interests planned so far, but you never know who’s going to pop up. There will be some new bad guys and some new good guys.

I will definitely be keeping my fingers crossed for more romance 😉

Q: I loved Anne! She’s strong, honest, and is pretty resilient (considering her age and the obstacles she faces). Was she an easy character to write? Does her character represent someone close to you?

A: She wasn’t super hard to write, but all characters have their challenges and adding some emotional depth was hard for me. I had a lot of good surface stuff, but I needed to add in some more to really make her real. Thankfully I have good editors. LOL. She doesn’t represent anyone that I know of, but everyone I know ends up in a story somehow. Bwahahaha.

Um, since we’re friends, should I be worried? LOL Writing emotional stuff can be hard at times, I know, but all the characters in Sabaska’s Tale are filled with emotion. Nicely done, Julie. 

Q: Okay, so there are some really yummy guys in Sabaska’s Tale. I really loved Cody (who wouldn’t)! He’s a hot cowboy and is super sweet. Then we have Cahir, the mysterious guy with an accent. An accent! WOW. Anyway, if you could choose an actor to play their parts, who would you chose? (Can you tell us if Anne will end up with any of these cuties….or will there be someone else?)

A: Oh, jeeze… actors… well…

As for who Anne will end up with? That’d spoil the surprise. LOL.

Dang it! Don’t think I’m letting you off the hook ma’am. 😉

Q: I’m a total romance junkie, what genre of books do you prefer?  

A: Fantasy and Sci Fi, or to go broader, Speculative Fiction.

Cool…I’ve got to work on adding Romance to your list 😉

Q: Outside of writing, what do you do? 

A: There’s an outside of writing? Oh, wait… right… I have a Border Collie named Kira and we compete in herding trials and I have an Arabian Mare named Triska that I’m training and we do a lot of trail riding. I do have a day job as well. I also read a ton and occasionally see my friends.

WOW! I’m tired just reading about your ‘off’ time. Rest, woman! Wait, scratch that…write, woman! 

Q: What time of day do you prefer to write? 

A: All day? Though mornings are never good. I prefer afternoons, evenings and nights.

Me too! But I’m more of a night owl. 

Q: What type of music do you listen to and do you have to have it playing while writing?

A: Hmm, I have a very eclectic mix on my mp3 player and I do listen to music a lot while I write. Things like Metallica, Chris LeDoux, Breaking Benjamin, TV sound tracks, um… I even have one pop song on there, and some Metal, some 80’s, some foreign stuff, some indy suff, Industrial, yeah, etc is the word. I don’t make playlists, I just put it on random.

That’s some list. I now have a visual of you jamming out to ’80 rock bands while writing ST2. LOL


Fun stuff about our alien author

Q: Rain or Sun?

A: Sun, though living in Colorado, I don’t dislike the rain anymore. (well, except recently, floods and all.)

Q: Favorite color

A: Black and Purple

Q: Are you superstitious? 

A: A little

Q: Pizza or spaghetti

A: OMG Pizza all the way

Q: Snow-cone or ice cream

A: Ice Cream 


I love fantasy books in general, but I wasn’t too sure what to think of Sabaska’s Tale before I read it. I like horses, but worried if a story about a horse would keep me wanting to read more…it did, AND I didn’t feel like I was reading just a horse book. I’m a HUGE romance fan and knowing the author, I didn’t think romance would play too big of a role. Again, I was proven wrong. Ms. Campbell is such a fantastic author. She definitely kept me up late reading through the night in order to finish her book. (She may be one of those aliens I’ve mentioned. The ones who keep you hooked until the end and then suddenly, its over and you have to wait for the next one. She’s on my alien radar now.) 

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 A huge thanks to Julie Campbell for stopping by and chatting with us today. Be sure to check in later for more news about author interviews 😉


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