Thursday Teaser Time

I’m gonna post Julie’s interview this weekend. Why? Because she deserves to be a well thought out post and not a hurry and post it kind of thing. Actually, it’s because I haven’t finished adding my responses to her answers. But the first line sounded way better, right? 

Moving on. I promised a teaser from my WIP. So, here ya go. Enjoy:

“Hey.” My insides twisted into knots.

“Hey,” he said, apprehensively.  

“You did all this for me? I don’t understand?” Tristan turned and stepped in front of me. He lifted his hand and with the pads of his fingers, he softly brushed them across my cheek. The sweet, tender gesture tore me to pieces. My throat ached, fighting back the sudden sting of tears he managed to provoke.

“Elle, I’m not going anywhere. I…I’m here, okay.” Keeping his eyes locked with mine, he inched closer. His hot, minty breath hovered over my lips causing an intense rush of fire to spread over my skin. My entire body trembled. A sudden urge to shorten the already small distance between us turned into an overwhelming need. I squeezed my hands into fists and Just as I felt my resolve quickly slipping further away, the elevator door opened and he backed out.

Well? Like? Here’s one more to grow on 😉  

His warm, honey eyes searched mine and then his hands moved from my shoulders, cupping the sides of my tear streaked face. 

“But that’s just it, Tristan. You waited until I was happy to tell me. I’ve known how much I’ve loved you, but I didn’t want you if you were with someone else. And lets face it, you’ve always been with someone.

 Crap, tears, and now I must finish my edits.

Good night, y’all!

It’s almost the weekend! Just sayin’


Interview with Julie Campbell Coming Soon!

I’ve been really busy with kids and homework here lately and haven’t had time for anything else but sleep. Junior high is kicking my butt all over again, geesh. 

I’ve a really great interview with author Julie Campbell waiting to be posted and some teasers from my current WIP to share as well. Let’s see how far I get tomorrow…my goal is to post the interview, hopefully. 

News on Hope’s Decree: Well, it’s going great! Better than I could ever have hoped for and I wanted to thank everyone for your support. You guys rock! 


Thats all for tonight, my computer just told me it’s about to die. TTYL