Character Interview from The Lady Astronomer by Katy O’Dowd

Today we welcome Katy’s crazy crew from The Lady Astronomer. Sit back and enjoy the show, folks 😉

The Lady Astronomer

Angela: what is it about astronomy you love most? If you could be a constellation, which would it be?

Freddie: Well hello dear Mrs. McP! And how very nice to meet you and to be asked my opinion on anything! Do you know, not only do my siblings Lucretia and Al tell me that I do tend to waffle on a touch, they also have the complete temerity to stop listening to me and walk off to do their own thing. How very dare they! Anyway, what was it that you were asking? Ah yes, what do I love the most about astronomy? Why, charting the night skies, being an explorer in the dusky depths, oh to have a ship that would bring me nearer – it is something I am working on. As for what constellation I could be? Hmmm. I’d choose to be all of them if I was being completely honest, but I suppose if pushed I would pick Pegasus, as he romps amidst the inky starlit sky. Ah me.

Angela: what is it like working Lucretia?

Freddie: Well, Lucretia you see is a very demanding girl, oh yes indeed, and as the eldest of the family it somewhat falls upon me to take the lead…  pardon me for a second, won’t you? Lucretia! Is that you laughing?!

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, she is a great worker and we compliment each other’s skills to perfection. Excuse me again, she appears to be choking…

Angela: Lucretia, what is it like working with Freddie? Lucretia, can you tell us about your hats and why you enjoy making them?

Lucretia: You’ll have to give me a moment, I can’t seem to stop laughing…

Freddie, despite his scattiness is one of the most intelligent men I have ever met – he has left the room briefly otherwise I would never, ever say that within his hearing, his head is quite big enough as it is! Oh, here, he’s back with some tea for us.

And speaking of heads, hats. I don’t actually make them any more, as I’m spending all of my time working with Freddie at the moment. But I did love making them, until the matrons who were requesting them were getting more outlandish with their requests – I mean to say, if someone sees them and asks where they got the hat from, I do have a reputation after all.

Angela: Can you each talk about your experience with the Clockwork Court?

*complete silence from the sibs*

*Freddie reaches over and takes Lucretia’s hand, her monoscope is looking suspiciously steamed up*

Freddie: I’ll answer for both Lucretia and I – it was the most terrible time, yet something wonderful has come out of it: we have been charged with another commission by the King himself! Ah, no, I can’t say more, that would be telling.

Angela: Freddie, do you plan to make more telescopes?

Freddie: Oh yes! We will never stop – and the orders have been coming in thick and fast.

Angela: Did you feel pressured by the king to make the forty foot telescope?

Lucretia: I think Freddie did feel incredibly pressurized, but he loved it even though it has given his grey hairs where there were none before.

Freddie: I say, dear girl! What grey? I must off and have a look in one of my telescope’s mirrors! Lucretia, come with me and point out the offending locks! Mrs. McP, we shall leave you in the capable hands of Orion and Leibniz.

Angela: Leibniz, I believe you are a great knitter?

*the lemur scowls and knits*

Angela: And Orion, how does it feel to be clockwork now?

*the owl has wound down and cannot answer*

*Lucretia comes back into the room, picks up the lemur and winds up her owl*

Lucretia: Freddie is in a lather over his hair – can I be of assistance in translating for you? We don’t actually communicate in words, as such, but I know my lemur and owl quite well.

Angela: Please – I was asking Leibniz about his knitting and Orion about being clockwork, but I’d be really interested to know about how they get on.

Lucretia: Oh, they love each other.

*Lucretia is smiling – and how is she to know that the lemur and the owl can talk to each other perfectly well thank you very much?*

Leibniz: Hooty McOwlFace!!

Orion: Monkey!!

*tea cups fly as the lemur and owl tussle*

*Lucretia stands to separate the two*

Lucretia: Thank you Mrs. Mc P, for your time, I’d better… oh dear…

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed today’s interview. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post.

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