Character Interviews from Joanne Wadsworth’s: Warrior

Thanks for coming back today for more amazing, fun interviews. Today we have characters from Joanne Wadsworth’s Warrior. Say hello to Hope, Silas, Faith and…. wait for it…. wait for it…. um, not gonna tell ya. Keep reading and you’ll see who our special guest is. Also!!! Joanne has given us a quick excerpt from Warrior which has been posted at the end of the interview. So, without further adieu…



Hope: Wow. Can I just say how super thrilled I am to be here, Angela. Your blog is fabulous and I’m a huge fan of your new release Hope’s Decree. You named your book after me, right? *wink, wink*

Angela: *Blushes* Thank you so much, Hope. I’m so glad you liked Hope’s Decree. You’ll have to come back this coming Sunday to learn more about my characters. As far as the title, um, yeah, sure. *wink* I’m so glad you decided to come hang out with us today. With that, let’s get started. *clears throat* Can you explain what life was like growing up, knowing your mum and twin sister lived on Earth, and were unable to meet them?

Hope: Sure. I guess I should explain my dad just couldn’t speak about my mum. I knew I had a mum on Earth, just no idea where. I have a complicated family. My grandfather, King Donaldo, rules Dralion, and he was after blood when he heard my dad had married an Earthling. Dad saved my life the day I was born by bringing me back to Dralion, but he paid a huge price. He was forced to leave my mum and twin sister behind. I actually had no idea I had a twin. When I first heard about her, it threw me. Big time.

Angela: Once you and Faith finally met, did y’all have the infamous ‘twin’ connection?

Hope: Did we ever. On my planet Magio, family members are blood-bound. We have an affinity for each that’s as strong as the soul-bound matches which can occur. Our ties are tight, and they cement quickly. The second I met Faith, I felt a wrenching pull toward her. It was as if we’d never been separated.

Angela: The first time you, Faith, and both parents were together; was it everything you thought it’d be?

Hope: It was everything and more. I can’t believe how incredible my mum is. It’s no wonder Dad fell in love with her. He remained loyal to her for eighteen years until it was possible for them to come back together again. And now I have a family. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, but never knew was missing.

Angela: You and Silas? How has being soul-mated with him been for you? *wiggles brows*

Hope: He’s a pain in the butt, but I’m getting him in line. LOL. Actually, he’s incredible. He’s smart, funny, caring, sexy— Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said that. Angela, when you go to interview Silas, please don’t tell him I said any of that. He’s got the biggest head and any compliments just inflate it further. None of your followers are allowed to whisper a word either. *smiles nicely at everyone*

Angela: Looking back at the beginning of your rocky relationship, do you have any regrets?

Hope: Hmm, I don’t think so. Everything happened for a reason.

Angela: You and Silas have to mind-merge every three days, how has that affected you two?

Hope: It’s kinda cool mind-merging with Silas. Once I’ve formed the connection and linked into his mind, I just settle back as if wrapped up in my favorite blanket. That big head of his is very handy since that’s where my mind hangs out a lot of the time.

Angela: Hmmm. Can we expect to hear wedding bells in the near future?

Hope: I’m not sure how that would be possible. Silas might be my soul-bound mate, but he’s from the enemy nation. My grandfather has no knowledge of our relationship, but if he knew, I imagine all hell would break loose.

Angela: Do you find it odd you and your sister have mated with your families’ rival?

Hope: We can’t choose who we’re mated to. Our soul-bonds are actually created at birth, but it’s not until we reach eighteen that we find each other. The male is driven to search for his female once both reach adulthood.

Angela: Have you learned more about your Sol heritage?

Hope: I’m learning more all the time. It’s a dream to have so much family.


Angela: Being a Protector, what has being soul-bound to your sworn enemy been like?

Silas: Hey Angela, thanks for having me over. *sits down* That’s a tough question. I’d have to say rough and agonizing to start with. Now though, it’s a different story. Being soul-bound to Hope is incredible, even with all the problems we still face.

Angela: It’s no secret the ill feelings shared between you and Faith. Considering Hope and Faith are twins, did that pose as a problem? If so, how were you able to overcome it?

Silas: What do you mean ill feelings toward Faith? C’mon, Faith and I are like…ah, okay, Faith and I don’t get along. At all. We have like a rival sibling relationship. Hope thankfully gets that. *wipes brow*

Angela: Have you met Hope’s parents? And do they approve of your relationship?

Silas: I’ve never met either of them, and I imagine they’d wish for anyone other than their sworn enemy as their daughter’s mate. But Hope’s lucky. Her dad had to live without his wife and mate for eighteen years. He’d never inflict that kind of pain on Hope or Faith.

Angela: When you left Hope in the Sol compound, can you share how leaving her affected you?

Silas: I couldn’t sleep or eat. The pain of our separation was unbearable.

Angela: The Warrior prisoners your people keep, have you or Davio considered freeing them?

Silas: We’d never release the warriors we imprison. Hope’s grandfather, King Donaldo Wincrest, rules Dralion with an iron hand. If we released his warriors, they’d just come back and attack us again.

Angela: Have you spoken with Maslin since the deadly fight went down between you two? Does him being blood-bound with Hope bother you?

Silas: I’ve not spoken with Maslin since that deadly fight. I should for Hope’s sake since they are blood-bound, but he tried to take my girl from me. *strokes the hilt of his side sword* That grates, bad.


Angela:  Hi Faith. Thanks for coming! You’ve taken on a lot these last few weeks. First being mated to a (once upon a time), domineering jerk, Davio. Then you learn you have a direct lineage to hate Davio, considering your dad is the Prince of Dralion. Not long after facing a close call with death, you discovered you had a twin sister, Hope. Any other surprises we don’t know about?

Faith: Hey Angela. What a great place you have. Thanks for inviting me over to your blog. I love that question. Davio was a jerk in the beginning, yes. And completely impossible, but in saying that, he’s also my Mr. Impossible. LOL. Yeah, it’s a little crappy at times being soul-bound, but we worked things out in the end. Now I’m busy retraining him into being the best soul-mate ever. It could take me a while, but I’m up for the challenge. You asked about any other surprises? Absolutely. You’ve no idea what’s about to happen to my best friend. Silvie’s story is told in Enchanter, and things get really hot. Hot. Hot. You don’t want to miss what goes down— Oh, here’s Davio. *pats seat beside her* Come chat to Angela, Davio. I was just talking about Silvie.

Davio: Nice to meet you, Angela. *sits and holds Faith’s hand* What about Silvie? What’s my cousin done now?

Faith: I was saying how things get hot in Enchanter.

Davio: Hot is right. Silvie has a skill which hasn’t been seen in generations. She really gets things heating up.

Angela: Faith, have your, um, not so nice feelings for Silas changed since he and your sister are soul-bound?

Faith: Silas is a pest, but for Hope’s sake I’m going to try and get along with him better.

Davio: *stares at Faith* What? I’m sorry, but did you say you’re going to try? *chuckles* I so have to tell Silas that. He’ll never believe his good fortune.

Angela: Faith, have you learned more about your Sol heritage?

Faith: Not me, but Hope has. I’ve been incredibly busy getting into trouble, which you’ll find out all about in Enchanter.

Davio: *frowns* What kind of trouble? I haven’t heard about any trouble.

Faith: *taps Davio’s nose* And you’re not about to either, my mate.

Angela: Faith, anything new news between you and Davio we should know about?

Faith: There is never a dull day when we’re together. Let me just say that. *grins* 

So, what did y’all think? Great, eh? Want to read an excerpt from Warrior? Look no further! Scroll down a little more and enjoy!  Thank you all for coming today.

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Silas extinguished the lamp, and moonlight filtered through the tiny square window. He rolled to his side, facing me. “We’ll stay close. I can’t dismiss the mated bond. Our souls call to one another and it’s strong.”

I felt it too.

“I can’t keep my distance from you, Hope. That would result in your death.”

“Yeah, but yours would result if my grandfather, Donaldo, ever found out about you. The need to protect goes both ways.”

A low growl rumbled from his throat. “It sounds like you’re arguing with me.”

“I’m pointing out the facts. Alexo keeps the knowledge of Faith’s relationship with Loveria a secret.”

“We don’t have their kind of relationship.”

“So this is a non-relationship?” I smiled. That actually suited me.


“Okay, honey. I got it.”

He pulled me to him. “I have no idea why, but I like you. You have a smart mouth.”

I snuggled closer, resting my cheek against his chest. “Mmm-hmm. So do you.”

He let out a slow breath and it fanned over the top of my head. “I still want to kiss you.”

“Hell, no.” I grinned to myself.

“Are you repeating my earlier words?”

“Yes, I am.” He rolled me, coming up over top. My heart raced. “Don’t–”

His kiss was potent as he claimed my mouth.

I had no response. I was lost, hypnotized as we shared breath and a moment more special than any in time.

He cupped my face in his hands and stroked my cheeks, his thoughts escaping for the first time.

I read them so clearly within the merge.

He wanted this moment to last.

My heart soared and my soul called to his on the deepest level. “We are in a world of trouble,” I murmured against his lips.

His hold tightened, intoxicating me. Then he eased away an inch, maybe two. “You have the most beautiful spun-gold hair. It catches even the moonlight and glows like silk.”

I cleared my throat. “I know I just said trouble. You should stick to your side of the bed in this non-relationship.”

A wicked grin widened his mouth. “I could drown in the brilliant violet of your eyes.”

“Do I need to slap your face?”

He laughed. “Yes.”

I pushed him away, trying to get my heartbeat to slow. “Go away.”

He rolled into me, held me close. “I’ll be good. Just keeping you warm. It’s my right.”

I curled up, squeezing my eyes shut. “I can’t believe I’m sharing a bed with you. Do you snore?”

“Terribly. I’m also a bed-hog.”

I heard the partial lie, but to which half of that statement? “Hmm, since I’m squished between you and the wall, I’m picking you’re a bed-hog.”

“You feel all warm and soft. I’m not going anywhere.” He nuzzled my hair and yawned. “Go to sleep. You’ll need your rest if you want to be on your toes tomorrow.”

I didn’t doubt it. The minutes ticked by, and I slowly relaxed. My soul-bound mate lay beside me. For one night, or perhaps for more? I had no idea.

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  1. Great interview and excerpt, Joanne. I haven’t gotten around to reading Warrior yet, but it’s in my queue. Protector is such a terrific story, I’m sure the sequels will be equally as great.


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