Jen Wylie’s Character Interviews for: Broken Prince

Jen Wylie’s interview doesn’t need an opening. Yes, it’s that good. Enjoy! Image


Aro opened her eyes wide. “What’s going on?”

“We’re being interviewed.”

She blinked at Kei and then turned to the strange woman ushering them into an un-used cabin.

“Sit down, y’all. We’ll be ready in just a minute.” The woman gestured to chairs set before a table with a strange thin box on it. “My name is Angela,” she said as they sat. “Hold still while I clip these on.”

“Wait, what are these? What is that?” Aro gestured to the strange box. “What is going on?”

Kei grinned and elbowed her. “Do you want to see Prince?”

She stared and then abruptly closed her open mouth.

“Okay then! Let’s get this fired up, hopefully Prince is ready.”

“What does that even mean,” Aro whispered to Kei. He just shook his head and they watched as the woman did something near the base of the box, it suddenly lit up, and clicking sounds ensued.

A moment later Prince appeared and Aro gasped and then leaned forward eagerly. “What sort of magic is this?”

Angela slapped her reaching hand away. “Don’t touch. Can you hear us, Prince?”

“But he’s not here,” Aro grumbled. “Is he?”

“Yes, I can,” Prince answered.

“Prince!” Aro flung herself forward again, but this time Kei caught her arms and held her back in the chair.

“Alrighty, we don’t have a lot of time, and we’ve a number of questions to get through. So let’s get started, shall we?” Angela beamed at them all. “This is so exciting!”

Aro tapped her temple. “Can he hear me?”

“No, dear. Let’s start with you, Prince Shael, in case you’re called away. First question. What was it like when you finally made it home? Was there a special someone waiting for you?  Was a party thrown in your honor?”

He frowned. “That is three questions.”

“Oh yes, so it is.” Angela smiled at him brightly. “Can you see us all?”

“Yes.” He let out a deep, weary sigh. “Everything has been rather busy. Much has changed, more so than I thought. I have been regaining my strength. Yes, I was specially welcomed back to court.” He paused a moment. “My family was waiting.”

“Do you miss the death-thrilling adventure of being out with Aro and the gang?”

“I did not find our travels overly thrilling. I miss…” he trailed off, turning his gaze to Aro.

“I miss you, too,” she said quietly.

“Aww that’s so sweet! Next question! How did you feel when Kei was able to save Aro? Does their ‘bond’ affect you?”

Prince closed his eyes for a moment, clearly irritated. “That is two questions.” His gaze returned to Aro and noticeably softened. “He did not save her. She saved herself. Aro is a very strong…young woman.” He looked to Kei. “As for their bond. I do not care for it, or how they hid they had two–”

Aro straightened angrily. “We didn’t hide–”

“However,” Prince continued, frowning slightly at her interruption. “It has saved her life and he uses it to protect her. I cannot fault that.”

“I don’t need protecting,” Aro muttered, falling back in her chair and crossing her arms.

“Yes you do,” both Prince and Kei said at once. Kei snorted. Prince scowled.

Angela grinned and raised a finger. “Next! Since you are back home, is your magic back and recharged, so to speak? Will you be able to have another charm created in order to leave your land? If so, would this be something you’d be willing to do? If yes, why would you consider leaving the safety of your homeland?”

Prince stared at her and then shook his head slightly. “It will take some time for me to recover fully. As for the rest…I do not know at this time.”

Aro’s quiet gasp drew all of their attention. Turning her head, she avoided everyone’s gaze.

“Let’s move on to Kei then.” Angela shifted in her chair to face the Fey. “The Prophecies center around you and Aro directly. How do you feel knowing you two will be in this together?”

 He reached over and took Aro’s hand. “I will always be by her side.”

Angela looked at him expectantly. “And… how do you feel about that?”

His brows drew down in confusion. “It is the choice I made.”

“We’re best friends, more than that,” Aro added.

“But are you happy?”

Kei tilted his head to the side. “Of course.”

The woman rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. “Okay, you’ve met a few other Fey during your adventure, and have seen them change from their crazed state to being sane again. Were you like them?”

“Sometimes,” he said quietly.

“What is the fury like?”

He frowned. “It is…uncontrolled feelings. Anger. Fury. The need to fight. A desire to kill.”

“Aro, when you took the fury from the Fey, did you feel this as well?”

She nodded hesitantly. “It is hard to describe. It’s frightening, and wild. But you also have a feeling of such power, like nothing can hurt you. Nothing can stop you.”

“You’ve been through so much, and at such a young age. Where do you find the strength to keep moving forward?”

Aro looked over at Prince and smiled and then looked to Kei. “From my friends. They need me, and I need them. They have taught me so much. I go on because I’m still needed, there is still so much more in life I want to do. As long as I have them, everything will be fine.”

“You’ve seemed to have tapped into a power source since you and Kei have bonded. We’ve seen this after you’ve healed Kei and the other lost fey. Do you feel different? If so, can you describe it?”

Aro bit her lip. “They give me power and I let it go. I don’t feel different most of the time, other than my eyes changed, after they gave me so much when I healed. I can see better now, and further away.”

“You’re faster,” Kei added quietly.

She shrugged. “Maybe.” 

“Last question, since it looks like Prince has to go shortly. The prophecies talk about you being a queen? How does that fit with the feelings you have for Prince, considering he is an elf?”

Aro stared at her, a flush of pink rushing across her cheeks. “I…I…” She cleared her throat. “The thought of being a queen rather frightens me. I don’t know how to be a queen.”

“I am here for you,” Kei whispered. “You know that.”

“I know…and I’ll do what I need to, to help the Fey. But that doesn’t mean the idea doesn’t scare me.”

“Should that time come, she will be older. I am certain she will have no difficulty with it,” Prince added.

Aro looked over at him in surprise. “Will it matter?”

A pained look crossed his face and he looked away. “I must go now.”

She stood abruptly. “Wait! I still have so much to ask you.”

“Be safe, my Arowyn.”

Prince disappeared.

Aro whirled around. “Bring him back!”

Angela stood and shook her head. “I can’t do that.” She grinned. “Thank you for the interview though! I’m sure the fans will love it!”

Kei stood, looking at her in confusion. “What?”

The woman pulled whatever she’d clipped on their shirts off and stuck the pieces in her pocket and then turned and folded down the box.

“Wait! I want to talk to Prince again!”

“Sorry, I have to get going too. More interviews to do! You two go and have an adventure! Don’t die, and,” she picked everything up and turned to Aro, “you just have to have a happily ever after!”

“I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about,” Aro yelled in frustration.

The woman was gone.

“What just happened?”

Kei shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know. Maybe the wine at dinner was bad?”


Ha! Jen Wylie is absolutely amazing. I hope y’all enjoyed her interview….she even added ‘y’all’ to my part when writing this. LOL Also….Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the final set of character interview from Hope’s Decree. Below are Jen’s links and a blurb from Broken Prince! 







Sometimes, when you’re broken, you can heal on your own. Sometimes, you need the help of your friends, your family, and the people you love. Keeping those pieces together when the world seems intent on ripping you apart is the greatest challenge of all. Especially when the ones you love, the ones who hold you together, start falling apart themselves. Arowyn and her family continue on their journey to return the Elven Prince, Shael, to his homeland before he fades and dies. A journey full of triumph and horror, love and sorrow, rips them apart with every fighting moment, and yet brings them together as a family. They don’t allow the prophecy to rule their lives. Some don’t believe, some don’t care. Prophecies aren’t written in stone. Events can change. People can change. They are only words. From besieged cites, to the elusive Were and wild Fey, nothing quite prepares them to face their deadliest of enemies, one they didn’t know existed.



“Broken Prince is a story about love and hope, loss and pain, facing the odds and not giving up. I couldn’t put it down!” Wendy Knight, Feudlings

“Filled with fantasy, non-stop action and suspense, Broken Prince is a heart-achingly romantic read that had me flipping the pages, needing to know what would happen next to Aro and her boys. The end is bittersweet and perfect, and I need the next installment now!” Trisha Wolfe, Of Silver and Beasts


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