Blooper: I lifted my SHIT over my head. WTH?

So, I have a few things going on in this post. A chapter from Blain’s POV, but first, some bloopers…

I lifted my shit over my head to dry my face. Something hit me, a feeling. <<Um, I have an aversion with the letter R? I did the SAME thing in Hope’s Decree. ~smh~ 

and another….

She’d barley been able to hold steady her created weapon of choice. <<I think I wanted a beer? Isn’t beer made from barely or is it wheat or both? Either way it’s strange because I don’t drink beer…I prefer wine or Jack and coke, but mostly coffee. That’s it for me being goofy…for now because I’m sure it’ll happen again.  

On to my other news: I wrote a short chapter (from Hope’s Decree) from Blain’s perspective for my friend, Mia because she’s awesome and she LOVED the book. Her blog site is so much fun and she hosts tons of giveaways. Be sure to check her out (her sticker site thingy is on my page. All you have to do is click on it). 

Now, Krystal Clear Book Blog asked me to pick different actors for each character in Hope’s Decree…I chose Chace Crawford as Blain. What do y’all think? Yes…No?   

Blain’s POV (visual-aid to help)

End of Chapter 9 ~ Camp Hell 


Unlike mortals I couldn’t read Trinity’s mind, it was blocked from me. However, there were moments when her emotions came through so clearly, I knew precisely what she thought. 

Earlier when I’d cut her arm, she instantly became enraged and exactly why I’d done it. Trinity’s emotions were a direct link to her abilities and she needed to tap into her powers. Feeding off her heated emotions, she allowed herself to give in and our training session was underway.

By the end of the afternoon Trinity’s arms fell to her sides. She’d barely been able to hold steady her created weapon of choice. Her clothes and hair stuck to her skin from sweat, making her like a beautiful warrior princess. I shook my head, pushing all thoughts of how amazing she was out of my head.

She bent over. “Blain. I…need…to…rest.” Automatically I thought to charge her, but she’d probably welcome being knocked out. She’d done well today and deserved a break. I gave in.

“I think you’re right.”

Her stunned expression when she peaked up made me smile. Her cheeks flushed. I’d spend everyday making her blush if…if I could admit how I felt about her. No, I needed to be her protector and nothing more. Being involved would only create problems. 

“Thanks,” she said, relaxing her shoulders. I gave a curt nod and made myself busy by putting away the weapons in my bag. 

The sun seemed to beat down hotter and beads of moisture slid into my eyes. I lifted my shirt over my head to dry my face. Something hit me, a feeling. The magic of this place heightened our senses and there was no mistaking what I felt or the person those feelings came from. Yeah, she wanted me, badly. 

I turned and looked in her direction, but she was too busy checking me out to notice at first. She Snapped out of her lingering gaze, her eyes wide and her entire face covered in crimson. So beautiful. 

“I think we should go back to the truck. I need to get home,” she said, quick and breathless. I did my best not to laugh. When she wasn’t being stubborn, she was absolutely adorable. 

“Sure,” I agreed.  Trinity walked over and helped finish piling the weapons into the bag, though she made sure to keep her distance. After dropping the set of numb chucks into the pile, I noticed the dried blood on her arm. I clenched my jaw. The cut looked deeper than I’d thought.  

“Let me see your arm.” Trinity looked at me with confusion and I pointed to the ripped sleeve.

“Um, I think it’ll be okay. I’ll just clean it when I get home.” She was nervous. God help me because I liked making her feel that way. Before I let her talk me out of it, I held my ground and stepped closer. 

“I’m not asking.” Carefully, I pushed the fabric up, not wanting to hurt her any more than necessary. 

Anytime we touched a connection pulsed between us, but here in the clearing, the connection turned into a carnivorous need. As if she were my first and last breath of fresh air and without her, I’d suffocate.

“I can heal this,” I said, my voice thick and low. “This place enhances my abilities.” My heart raced like jackhammer inside my chest as I slowly covered her cut with my hand. Immediate heat and fire seeped from me to her and Trinity’s skin began to glow under my hand. 

I heard her quick gasp and then her legs weakened.Without thinking I wrapped my arm around her waist, holding her tight against my chest. To be honest, I didn’t want her any other place. Her heart beat as quick as mine.

Trinity lifted her gaze and I stared into her soft golden-brown eyes. I wanted to lean forward and feel the pressure of her full lips against mine. Then, like a volcano, her emotions exploded and our powers merged.

  Even stranger as our hearts began to beat in time with the other. I wanted her like nothing I’d ever wanted before. Time slowed. Her desire mixed with mine pressured us closer. I should’ve stopped. I should’ve pushed her away, but she held me captive with her eyes. 

I felt my oath—to only be her protector—slip, but then she moved and the spell broke. 

I forced myself away, containing the ache of immediately wanting her back. I took slow, deliberate breaths to recover the cold feelings she ejected at me. Trinity glanced at the healed cut on her arm, shocked. Her body began to shake and her eyes misted. I didn’t dare touch her or move closer, even though every piece of me begged to comfort her. 

She continued trembling. I clenched my hands into fists. “Trinity,” I said, my voice strained.

“I’m fine.” With furious speed she turned her back and headed for the path of trees in front of us. “I want to go home.” Shame, embarrassment and hurt shot out from her, and a shiver of ice pierced my heart. I should’ve tried to explain why I denied her, but at that moment I wasn’t sure who I’d be convincing. Me or Trinity? 

I needed a minute to regroup and watched her from afar, taking in the sway of way her hips, and the sun glinting through her sandy-blonde hair. When I felt certain I could contain my feelings, I caught up with her and walked back to my truck.

During the hour or so ride back into town neither of us spoke. The silence gave me time to think of what to say, only when I attempted to open my mouth, I drew up a blank. The only thing on my mind were her lips, or the way her body felt pressed against mine. I thought when we’d driven away from the magical infused clearing I’d be able to block out how much I wanted her. Only it didn’t work that way. 

The next thing I knew we were parked in her driveway. I gulped, ready to say something, but she beat me to it. Kind of.

“Uh…” She didn’t finish and I stepped in. 

“What are you doing later?” What the hell? I hadn’t meant to ask her that.

Trinity turned to face me. “I’m going bowling with everyone.” Everyone included Trevor, her mortal boyfriend. I gnashed my teeth together to keep from shouting. Right then I couldn’t look at her and turned my attention to the houses across the street. 

“Oh, okay.” She’d made the right choice…even though it sucked ass. 

“Yeah,” she opened the cab door, “whatever.” I glanced at her, then wished I hadn’t. Pain and hurt lined her face, splintering my soul. Her expressive eyes haunted me and I looked away, refusing to stop her.

She needed to leave, and soon before I ended up taking her in my arms and making her forget his name. I counted slowly in my head to keep from looking at her, again. 

I could feel her frustration. Giving up, she jumped out and slammed my door shut. Good thing car manufacturers knew how to make sturdy vehicles back in the day. I allowed myself one quick glance, and found her slamming the front door shut. 

I drove back to my house. The floral shampoo she used and the hint of strawberry scented lipgloss she always wore lingered in the tiny space, torturing me. Quick as lightening, I opened the door and headed inside my house.  


Chapter 10 ~ Crossroads


I should have known she’d be a pain in my ass. I’d never been around anyone more stubborn or frustrating to deal with. I could see the Gods laughing at me from above. Blonde hair, full, moist lips, emotionally charged eyes, and soft skin haunted me for hours. 

I worked up a sweat practicing combat moves on dummies in my backyard. When that didn’t help make me forget her, I mowed the lawn. I never mowed the lawn. Nothing seemed to help wash the memory of her away. Parched and covered in dirt and grass, I headed inside to wash up. 

I welcomed the hot rushing water and rested my head against the shower wall. For the first time since I’d dropped Trinity off I felt relaxed. 

The front door opened and closed and I finished up my somewhat relaxing shower. After dressing in my room, I walked out to the living room. 

“Hey. I thought I’d go into the city tonight,” Melia said when I walked in.

“Yeah, okay. Any new leads?” A new lead was the perfect distraction. Melia turned around and smiled.

“Eager to destroy tonight?” 

“Something like that.” 

“Hmm, why don’t you go instead?” Melia cocked her brow, waiting for my reply. 

“Yeah, sure. Why not.” 

“Perfect. Keep me posted on your progress.” I nodded and turned to leave the living room when she stopped me.

“Have you made progress with the girl?” My shoulders tensed. 

“She has a name.” I worked my shoulders and shook my hands to keep from reacting. 

“What does it matter as long as she figures out how to wield her powers?” Whipping around, I moved in front of her. Inches from Melia’s face, so she could see my expression clearly, leaving her no room to doubt how close I was to kicking her ass.

“We’ve been over this before. Trinity is important to the lives of every mortal on earth.” And mine, though I kept that fact silent. “Her gift is growing, but she isn’t strong enough yet and I will not throw her into battle until I know she’s ready.” I could feel the energy coursing inside of me, ready to strike at any second. Why couldn’t Melia get it through her thick head that I would not risk Trinity’s life? “This discussion is over…understood?” Melia cocked her head to the side, contemplating what to say. If she was smart, she’d think carefully before answering. 

“Of course.” She smiled. “I’d never risk her life.” We stared at the other for a long minute and then Melia turned and hurried away. 

Glancing at the clock hanging on the wall, I knew Trinity would be meeting everyone any minute now. I made a quick decision to check on her before hunting. Grabbing my keys on the coffee-table, I headed out. 

The traffic was slow and I made it to the bowling alley in no time. I parked next to Trinity’s bug, but didn’t get out. 

“Dammit!” I hit the steering-wheel. I needed to check on her, but I didn’t have to let her see me. After I made sure she was okay, I’d leave. With my plan set, I stepped out into the night air, thinking back on the day.

Being near Trinity today, touching her, every second with her drove me crazy. Something happened when I healed her wound today. I’d lived longer than one person should, but I’d never had such strong feelings before. To say she affected me was an understatement, and knowing she was on a date with Trevor made me….well, I wanted to hurt him. She deserved more than he could give her. No, I couldn’t allow myself to think that way. 

Reaching the front doors, I paused before walking in. Even from this distance I could feel her….she was happy. Anger rose and I pushed the doors open, following the connection between us. 

Once inside, it didn’t take long to find her. With my enhanced vision I could see her from across the room. Trevor leaned in and kissed her. As if seeing him with his tongue down her throat wasn’t bad enough, I watched her grip the front of his shirt and pull him closer. 

Something in me snapped. I had one goal in mind: kill the mortal. I stepped forward and then noticed them pull apart. I froze, wondering what she was doing and then it hit. She could feel me in the room. She turned and resignation lit her face. 


I heard her tell Trevor she’d be back. What did she regret? Did it really matter? My goal was to make sure she was okay. I guess I’d gotten my answer. 

Before she could catch up to me, I hurried away from the what I wanted most….her. 



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