My New Book: Distraction (Coming Summer 2014)

I suck at posting here. I’m sorry about that. On to my great news….I’m super excited to announce my submission for Distraction—my New Adult/Contemporary Romance—has been picked up by Untold Press, and should release sometime this summer!

Wahoooo. I’m so freaking excited, like wow! I love these characters and can’t wait to introduce them to you all 😀

Incase you didn’t get a chance to read the steamy teaser on my FB page, I’ll post it below along with Distraction’s unofficial blurb. *teaser is unedited* Thoughts are always welcome. 


Coming Summer 2014


Aside from the normal changes in her life, college junior, Elle Richards, could always count on her friendship with Tristan. The longing for him to love her back is something she kept well hidden, even from herself. No matter how many miles apart they are, regular phone calls and texts keep them close…until the day everything changes. 

Wide Receiver Tristan Daniels has a good thing going. Much to his, and every single women’s surprise, he’s in a committed relationship, and the possibility of going pro looks more than promising…until his spur of the moment transfer to a rival college is approved. Now, Tristan will be forced to be in the presence of the woman he’s secretly loved for as long as he can remember. Elle.

Being away from one another was enough to keep Tristan and Elle distracted, but angst, confusion, and troubled secrets catapults them into a breathless, heart pumping story you won’t want to miss. 

A Great Big World’s Say Something fused with One Republic’s Burning Bridges sheds light into the emotion journey that is DISTRACTION.



I ran my thumb over her bottom lip, needing to be sure she was really there and not a figment of my imagination. I didn’t wonder long. Taking control, Elle grabbed my shirt and crashed her lips to mine. Best. Fucking. Kiss. Ever. I skimmed her lip with the tip of my tongue and she released a soft whimper. I damn near lost my shit. Her hands moved under my shirt, sliding her fingers across the tight muscles along my back. 


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