Hope’s Deceit Book News (and more)

Lets chat a little about HD2… Hope’s Deceit (The Fated, #2) and what to expect. Trinity, Blain, Morpheus and the rest of the gang are all back! In HD2 you’ll meet more Watchers, Rogues, and all those lingering questions are finally answered. Blain and Trinity steam it up in Hope’s Deceit. I love the way Blain cares for Trinity (he’s super sweet). Even though Morpheus is technically a ‘good’ guy now, he keeps us laughing (and drooling) while being his usual smart-mouthed, carefree self. Crystal definitely gives him a run for his money and Keri, as usual, keeps the peace between them all. Melia dodges one attack after until…. That’s it for today, but I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite teasers! Enjoy 🙂

Oh. My. God. Waking up every morning to Blain and his hot, scorching kisses would make getting up so much easier. His hand slid down my side and found the edge of my shirt, along with a bundle of feelings I didn’t think I should be exploring. My heart raced and my skin heated, but I didn’t want stop. I mean, we almost lost each other. The thought of never being able to look into his endless, ocean blue eyes, see the lone dimple in his left cheek, or get lost in his touch, made me ache inside…


He turned back to me, face grim. “When you were taken I felt your fear, your pain. Morpheus and I rushed out, but the connection snapped and I had no idea where to search.” He placed the palm of his hand over his heart. “For the second time in my life I felt…nothing. I cannot live without you. You are what makes my heart beat, what fuels me to keep going. To be a better guardian.” His image blurred until he stood directly in front of me. Using the tip of his finger he lifted my chin. His deep, emotion filled blue eyes pierced my soul. “I want to be everything you need, protector, guardian and more.” He lowered his voice to a whisper. “And I can’t be that if you aren’t here on this earth. So when you ask if something is wrong, off, it is, because we haven’t been given the chance to be together. And I want to be with you, forever…

~I want to give a special thanks to fellow author and awesome friend, Heather Van Fleet for helping me create this photo quote thing, or whatever you call it. THANKS ❤ ~


Theme song for Hope’s Deceit: Imagine Dragon’s Demons

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