Reviews Wanted

ImageOkay, so I hate talking about myself because I don’t think I’m very interesting and feel y’all would be like shut up. I don’t pimp my book out too often because, I don’t want people thinking I’m all about my book. But here’s the thing…I’ve been told by my awesome publisher they will pay for some kick ass advertising IF I can reach 50 reviews on Amazon. More is welcome. Duh 😉 So, here goes my pimpin’ …I have three digital copies available of Hope’s Decree for review: ePub (iBooks) Mobi (Kindle) and PDF. I need YOU’RE help to get up to 50 plus reviews on Amazon. As long as you leave an HONEST review, I’ll be happy to send you a copy Hope’s Decree ❤  Thanks so much!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Reviews Wanted

  1. I would love to review your book for you. I usually leave reviews on both amazon and goodreads within 24 hours of finishing the book. My profile name on good reads is Lindsay Errington to check out. Would love the opportunity.


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