A Girlfriend’s Guide by Karia

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Girlfriend Guide

Hey Girlfriends! You look Gorgeous!!! Not just today, but every day! Did you hear me; you are your own special kind of beautiful. Only you have the combination of personality, wisdom, wit, sparkle, joie de vivre, beauty, grace, sportiness, creativity, spirituality, faith, compassion, empathy and everything that makes you YOU! My grandfather told me this when I was a young teen and thought I was not beautiful. He told me, I was beautiful, God made you the most perfect Karia in His minds eye. If ever a man tells you that you are beautiful, he told me to answer, “Thank you, I know.” But I answered, “How do I know?” “Because I told you soso you are beautiful.”

Too many women don’t feel beautiful. Why? I watched the most amazing speech by Lupita Nyong’o. I was speechless read what she said:

“I too remember a time when I…

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