Announcement Time

Facebook Giveaway Winner

The winner of my FB swag giveaway is: Lillian McCurry, congrats! Message me 😀

Teasers from Hope’s Deceit (the Fated, #2)

Hope’s Decree is up to 57 reviews on Amazon! I’m so freaking excited and want to thank everyone who took a leap on me and grabbed my book! Let’s keep those reviews coming in. Why? Well, when I reach 60 I’ll release a teaser from Hope’s Deceit! You guys are awesome ❤

Book signing information (say what?!)

I’m looking into doing a few book signings/readings this summer! Woohoo! I have some pretty great author friends in Colorado and in Illinois. What does this mean? Not only will y’all get to meet me, but you’ll get to meet my friends, too! I’m not sure what the exact dates will be, but when I have more info to give I’ll let y’all know. So, anyone wanna come see me?

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