A Girlfriend’s Guide to…Cowboys!

Yes! Karia and I are SO planing to go next year…yes I am dragging her ass kicking and screaming to the Cowboy Stadium 😉

Talk Books to Me

Girlfriends Guide to …Cowboys!
In trying to think up a topic, my mind kept straying to all the fun the RT Convention peeps were having in The Big Easy! My sister and I went three summers ago and we LOVED it…especially me! I loved everything about NOLA…I loved the smell, the people, the heat, the afternoon rain showers, the food and especially the walking at night on Bourbon! Given that Angela here at Talk Books to Me lives in Texas (even not too far from Dallas) and would love to bring her books to the big book signing…we have talking about making a sojourn to Dallas for the 2015 RT Convention. Of course, for me one of the huge draws would be Kristen Ashley, so I dorkfully texted her and said, ya, maybe we can hook up in Dallas next year (sort thing)…much to my chagrin, she will be celebrating…

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