Review of ENCHANTER by Joanne Wadsworth



Book Three in the Magio-Earth series.EnchanterTo love and protect…across worlds.

On planet Magio war rages between Peacio’s protectors and Dralion’s warriors. Friendships and soul-bonds are forbidden, yet deadly secrets lurk within a high-ranking inner circle.

Eighteen-year-old Peacian Silvie Carver’s worst problem is completing finals until her best friend receives forewarning that Silvie is the key to keeping her enemy king from making a decision that will escalate the war. Silvie must save her loved ones’ soul-bonds from being torn apart, and all without revealing her emerging and rare fire skill during the mission.

Dralion warrior and enchanter, Guy Moyer, has been fighting his soul’s demand to find his mated one…who also happens to be his enemy. Except Silvie shows up on Dralion’s off-world Australian Outback station and though they renounce their bond, his soul demands he aid and protect her.

When Silvie finds herself impersonating a warrior, she’s pulled to the fiery edge of her control as she seeks to influence the king’s decision. Can the mated pair turn the tide of the war and find their place with each other?

A Lyrical Press Young Adult Romance

Novella: HUNTER


5 Alien Stars Review ❤

The Magio-Earth series continues to blow my mind. I’ve enjoyed each story Joanne created, but Enchanter gave me a little more…sorry, can’t spoil what ‘more’ is. *insert evil cackle here* I would’ve finished this book in one sitting had I not had to move.  >.<

Silvie and Guy are (as all the others in this series) perfect for the other, only the two are from opposite sides of a country divided by war. Can love truly conquer all? Find out in Enchanter. Be sure to grab your copy today.

Nah, I’ll give you more of a review that that 😉

Silvie grew up with Faith and is now good friends with her twin sister, Hope. The combo are together when Silvie sees ‘him.’ At first she doesn’t understand the strong attraction, but learns quickly enough what is gong on. Guy is less than pleased with who his mate turns out to be. Both release one another from their bond…only Silive doesn’t want to. Say what? Yes, this is different from the other books in this series. Silvie understands the hatred between their countries, but her heart seems to beat for only Guy. Can I get an awww.

Guy is stubborn (like most men) however, after seeing Silvie with another male, he loses his cool. The two find themselves stuck together rather than apart. Here’s the good part, Guy realizes he’s an ass early on and vows to never let Silvie out of his sight. Yeah, see, we get so much MORE in this book. So, danger is present but Guy and Slivie heat up every page and seem to fix problems before they are able to erupt into chaos.

My favorite part is the end when Guy tells Silvie… Enchanter left me yearning for more. I’m hoping Joanne will give us that extra bit of push in Nicholas and Belle’s story! I feel the change is coming and soon for everyone in the Magio-Earth series ❤ Woohoo!!! I am such a fan ❤

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