The Wrong Guy Book Blitz with Claudia Whitsitt

The Wrong Guy is now available in print and on Kindle


It’s 1969 and Catholic girls are a species of their own. When Katie Hayes arrives at Eastern Michigan University to attend college, John Norman Collins has just been arrested as a suspect in the brutal rapes and murders of 7 co-eds.

Armed with her rosary and her Nancy Drew books, Katie settles into a picture perfect life…until she becomes the victim of a vicious crime. Now, her life and the lives of those she loves are at risk.

She must use her wits to trap the real murderer as well as make certain that the man already behind bars isn’t THE WRONG GUY!

“A great who-done-it!”

“Gripping and suspenseful!”

“A pleasure to read.”

*This is the re-release of this previously published title.


I’m the oldest of six children and the only girl. Northwest Detroit, at that time a thriving metropolis and desirable address, was my childhood home. I attended parochial schools and loved learning from the very start. A voracious reader, one of my fondest memories is how I kept the hall light burning in hopes of stealing a few extra minutes of reading time each night. When my mom got wise to my tricks and closed my bedroom door, I snuck a flashlight from my dad’s toolbox, kept it hidden under my bed, and replaced the batteries more than once. That single beam came in handy on many late nights with Nancy Drew.

I graduated from St. Mary of Redford high school in 1970, I attended Eastern Michigan University. After receiving my degree, I became a Special Education teacher. Early on, I realized that teaching was my new “school”. I have learned so very much from my students and their families about hope in the face of despair, about the hidden talents each of us possess, and about how simple acts of humanity can touch and enrich lives.

I have always loved writing, whether composing an educational report, a letter to one of my children, or a simple poem. My initial inspiration to write a novel came while I worked as a Special Education teacher and became involved in a mystery surrounding one of my students. As all writers do, I began playing “what if” and started putting ideas down on paper.

The teaching years also included raising five fabulous children. While those days didn’t allow much time for creative writing, they taught me about love, loyalty, and the joy of family. There are now three novels in The Samantha Series: Identity Issues, Intimacy Issues, and Internal Issues. My reissue of The Wrong Guy hit the shelves in June 2014. Two of Me, a work of women’s fiction, is on my back burner, as well as a work of historical fiction for middle grades titled, Between the Lines. I am a happily retired Special Education Teacher Consultant/Writing Teacher, and full-time author/publisher. I live in Michigan in a somewhat tidy empty nest with my husband Don.

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