Lucky 7 Snippet

Check out a sneak peak of Sbaska’s Quest!

Writer J. A. Campbell

I got tagged…so you all get a sneak peak at Sabaska’s Quest.


Go to page 7 or 77 in your current WIP.

Go to line 7

Post on your blog the next 7 sentence or 7 lines—as they are!

Tag 7 people and do the same.

2013-06-02 15.58.30I don’t have a cover yet, so I’ll post a picture of a horse. LOL.

Pg 77 of Sabaska’s Quest
“You’re not going in alone,” Anna said.
“Anna, we don’t have a choice. There’s no other way.”
“Hello, little brother.”
Cahir’s eyes went wide and he sprang to his feet.
Twisting around despite the twinges of pain in her back, Anna gasped when she saw Cathleen standing by them. She must have used magic to sneak up on them.

Anna has almost forgotten her travels to different worlds and fantastic yet dangerous adventures of last summer. Little things, like the twinge of…

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