Book Signing News and More…

Hey, everyone!

I’ve been gone a while… Sorry, I really suck at blogging. BUT! I’ve got some awesome news 😀 On September 20th, 2014 from 1-3pm, fellow YA/NA author Heather Van Fleet and I will be at Readmore Book store  in Moline, Illinois to sign books! Woot Woot I really hope to see y’all there. This will be my first author anything. So cool, if not a wee bit scary. Come out and say hi ❤

On to Distraction 2 News:

I’ve sent my blurb for Distraction #2 to my editor, so as soon as I have a go ahead, I’ll release the title… which will release THIS December. As in December 2014, pretty freaking amazing. Just sayin’!


I was asked to list a dream cast for my characters in Distraction. I kinda love/hate this request because I have a hard time pinning down the PERFECT Tristan, Elle or any other character. So, I asked a few friends to help me out. Below are the results. Comment and Enjoy!  ❤ Check out original post @LadyAmber’s Review Blog

Tristan Daniels



Elle Richards

Lucy Hale  


Alyssa (Elle’s best friend) as Julianne Hough


 Bret (Alyssa’s boy toy) as Kellan Lutz 



Ginger (Um, not-so-nice, rich chick/roommate/sorority sister) Holland Roden 


Eric (Elle’s exBoyfriend) as Scott Eastwood 


Kellie (Tristan’s exFiancee)  as Mila Kunis 


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