Review of Senior Year Bites by J.A. Campbell


Senior year is supposed to be fun: boys, dances and graduation. It’s significantly harder to enjoy it when you’re dead.

Thanks to an innocent game of Truth or Dare, I wound up sleeping in a graveyard. Probably not the brightest thing I’ve ever done, but thanks to a couple of well-placed fangs, I’m here to tell the tale.

Vampires might stalk pop culture, but they’re just myths, right? Yeah. Not so much…

Everything seems a lot more difficult when you’re a nocturnal creature of the night, especially school. I was managing, but couldn’t keep it hidden from my friends. Steph decided that we should be cool, like superheroes, and fight crime.

I’m a vampire, not a hero. Living in a sleepy New England town, crime is a little harder to come by. At least it is until a serial killer moves into the area. He’s got the authorities stumped, but then again, the cops don’t have a teenage, blood-sucking, non-hero on their team. It doesn’t take long for me to discover the world is full of monsters. I may be one of them…but will I turn out to be the hero, or the killer everyone is looking for.


5 Alien Stars

It’s been a bit since I’ve read a book dealing with vampires, but I’m glad I got to read this one. Senior Year Bites is a fun read. A fresh take on vampires and other supernatural creatures. Meg is a vampire, only she doesn’t know how she got that way. Say what!? Yeah, I told you it was a fresh take. So, sunlight irritates the crap outta her, no she doesn’t sparkle and yes she likes blood. The journey begins in the beginning of the story, so no hashing through crap in order to get to the good stuff… so to speak.

Meg worries her friends will think her nuts’o and yes, they kind of do. But being awesome pals, they stick by her side, helping her figure out who changed her into a vamp. During this time, people are being killed and a strange guy seems to know more about her than she does. (Freaky) Meg and her friends run into a ton of danger along the way. The end is left open, allowing room for a second book. I can’t wait to see where Meg and pals end up!

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