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Title Trapped
Genre Fantasy Fiction (ghost, paranormal, epic)


When the Red Pelican Assassin’s Guild offered Sarenka a job she thought she was getting a safe cottage to live in while she spied on philandering innkeepers.  She had no idea it would lead to wanted posters flapping in the ocean breeze and eating scraps from dog bowls. Branded a murderess, her only chance for survival is to escape Burmtin.

Without friends or allies she’s lonely, desperate. Yet she dare not reveal her true face for fear of what the slavers, mercenaries, pirates, and petty thieves will do. Caught within a broiling cloud of deception, where psychics and ghosts fight to control the twists of fate, Sarenka finds in the end that only one thing matters: Can the same illusions that doom her, save her?

“Enter a world of decadent opulence and primitive tribalism. Unleash your imagination and ride the tide of fantasy with shape-shifters and quicksilver demons. Lose yourself in a labyrinthine world, Kyron’s Worlde.”
This is a stand alone book in the Kyron’s World saga. Other books in the series include Foretold: Betrayal and Foretold: Seduction’s Blade.



ES Tilton

Avid gardener and costume enthusiast, ES Tilton spends her time petting cats, loving on family, playing with computers, and writing fantasy fiction. Despite a recent move to the country, she claims there is never enough time to follow her dreams, to whatever strange land they may lead. She is the proud owner of two cats, one lover, three children, and more plants than she can take care of. Her other interests include dancing, herbal healing, psychic phenomena, and, of course, pleasure.

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I shouldn’t be… this is wrong. I should be… Her thoughts reeled, searching for answers. On my cot, clean and bandaged, not… sticky… and smelling like….
The pervading scent of blood burst through her mind, creating explosive tingles throughout her body. Sarenka’s scarlet eyes snapped open. The lights of her freni-kyn hair sparked, throwing off bits of glowing color. She threw herself backward, scrabbling to get away but the chain anchored her there. Too close. Oh god!
The master’s glazed eyes stared coldly across the short space. Her stomach wrenched into dry heaves, sending shards of pain stabbing through her mind. She squeezed her eyes shut, fighting off the morning-after-nausea of the foreveron drug. A single pain-tear trickled down her cheek before she forced her eyes open.
Dead… he’s… dead. Dizzying relief flooded her senses. She stared at the man’s broken body, lip lifting in a snarl. And he’ll never touch me again.
Sarenka squinted, darting glances from the uneven ground to darkened doorways to shadowy alleyways and back again. The narrow streets were strewn with refuse and sometimes excrement, forcing her to take care where she stepped in the scattered torchlight. Unsavory smells assaulted her sensitive freni-kyn nose, making her wish for a scented cloth to hold to her face. An impossibility; it would make her a target, or worse, reveal her identity. The buildings leaned drunkenly, supporting each other with rickety frames, as though they, like their inhabitants, found solace at the bottom of a drinking horn. Bits and pieces of wood and shell and cloth were tacked to the outside, not as decoration, but at a means for holding the buildings together.
The sound of children’s laughter drew her to a side street where scrawny bodies threw dice and shouted with glee over their winnings. Half-eaten biscuits, a wooden cup, threadbare shoes, and a pinch of copper shavings were piled in the center, ready for the winning roll. She walked past, pretending disinterest. Rounding the corner, she stopped to wait for the sounds that would indicate the end of the game. The shout of triumph that arose, mingling with a chorus of curses, signaled that the time to move was near.
She held her breath at the scuffing sound of approaching feet. A child rounded the corner, head down, walking dispiritedly. She grasped the boy and jerked him into the shadows.
She stopped in the tranquil garden to draw deep calming breaths before focusing on her freni-kyn illusions. Unlike earlier, when she could not control the color of her hair sparks, the illusions worked. Her face shifted into a nondescript h’euman, losing its telltale heart shape and blue coloring, while her hair fell to her shoulders in a coal-black mass, shedding the characteristic freni-kyn lights.
Good… foreveron wearing off… I’ve got at least a little control now. It wasn’t much of a disguise and she knew it. A simple face, designed to blend in, one she had been trained to make her first few days as an agent.
The spicy sweet scent of flowers rolled through the garden, reminding her of the blood. She sniffed her arm and grimaced. Finding a way to get rid of the blood before someone else smelled it would become paramount if she didn’t get out the main gates immediately. Meanwhile, illusions would mask the red smears and spatters, keeping her safe from detection.
If… I can hold the illusions long enough.
Sarenka raced across town for the city gates, grateful for the quiet slippers. Irritating beaded fringe slapped against her hands and chest in tempo with her stride, making her wish she had a knife to cut them free.
Time to flee… find a different… safer… place. Quickly! Before they discover the body.
(Explicit Edition only!)
“Now… enough soul searching…” Standing to turn towards him, Beth tugged her long skirt up out of the way and straddled his lap. Her legs wrapped about his waist and she used the leverage to grind against him.
Momentarily distracted by his body’s response, D’trav closed his eyes and moaned.
“We’ve an hour before we open, and you’re not having a problem… now…”
Lowering his head, D’trav resumed the trail of kisses she had interrupted, alternating back and forth between each breast. “I still oughta not done what I did to the girl. Takin’ advantage of her being chained and all. But you know how I am about that stuff. I felt… I don’t know… like someone else had control. Ever since then I’ve wondered if I’m right in the head.”
“You’re my kind of right.” Beth giggled. “You can chain me up any time you want, luv.”
Holding out her wrists, she pulled his attention away from the uncharacteristic introspection. He wasn’t the type to spend a lot of time figuring out why he did things and was glad to be brought back to the moment. His gaze traveled from her wrists to her face, then dropped back down to her breasts. The musky scent of her jasmine perfume wafted upwards, luring him in.
D’trav growled playfully and his kisses turned into nips. “You’re sooo bad. I might be forced to go to the considerable trouble of spankin’ you.”
“I know… I am.” Wriggling against him, Beth playfully pulled away.

Broken Promise Cover Reveal With Jen Wylie

A Young Adult Fantasy


(The Broken Ones, #3)


Jen Wylie

Published with Untold Press

Release date: October 7, 2014

Broken Promises

A year of turmoil takes its toll on Arowyn Mason and her companions. After delivering the Elven prince to his homeland, they decide to ride out the winter in the city of Westport before starting their quest to heal the Fey. Like most things in Aro’s life, nothing goes according to plan. As Kei struggles with the prophecy bound within him, his sanity begins to unravel. A prophecy and a promise are broken, and forgotten threats resurface with dire consequences. The Dragos is watching and the Were king is displeased with the disregard of Were law. Aro scrambles as yet another threat emerges. The Elves, displeased with their prince, exploit his only weakness…her. Aro is forced to find a new ally, a cold-hearted, ruthless pirate named Roan. He is more than he seems and Aro must learn who she can trust, or it will cost more than just her life. She has grown stronger, but is it enough to save herself, her family, and the Elf she loves?


  jw1A Jen Wylie resides in rural Ontario, Canada with her two boys, Australian shepherd and a disagreeable amount of wildlife. In a cosmic twist of fate she dislikes the snow and cold. Before settling down to raise a family, she attained a BA from Queens University and worked in retail and sales. Thanks to her mother she acquired a love of books at an early age and began writing in public school. She constantly has stories floating around in her head, and finds it amazing most people don’t. Jennifer writes various forms of fantasy, both novels and short stories.



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Review of Senior Year Bites by J.A. Campbell


Senior year is supposed to be fun: boys, dances and graduation. It’s significantly harder to enjoy it when you’re dead.

Thanks to an innocent game of Truth or Dare, I wound up sleeping in a graveyard. Probably not the brightest thing I’ve ever done, but thanks to a couple of well-placed fangs, I’m here to tell the tale.

Vampires might stalk pop culture, but they’re just myths, right? Yeah. Not so much…

Everything seems a lot more difficult when you’re a nocturnal creature of the night, especially school. I was managing, but couldn’t keep it hidden from my friends. Steph decided that we should be cool, like superheroes, and fight crime.

I’m a vampire, not a hero. Living in a sleepy New England town, crime is a little harder to come by. At least it is until a serial killer moves into the area. He’s got the authorities stumped, but then again, the cops don’t have a teenage, blood-sucking, non-hero on their team. It doesn’t take long for me to discover the world is full of monsters. I may be one of them…but will I turn out to be the hero, or the killer everyone is looking for.


5 Alien Stars

It’s been a bit since I’ve read a book dealing with vampires, but I’m glad I got to read this one. Senior Year Bites is a fun read. A fresh take on vampires and other supernatural creatures. Meg is a vampire, only she doesn’t know how she got that way. Say what!? Yeah, I told you it was a fresh take. So, sunlight irritates the crap outta her, no she doesn’t sparkle and yes she likes blood. The journey begins in the beginning of the story, so no hashing through crap in order to get to the good stuff… so to speak.

Meg worries her friends will think her nuts’o and yes, they kind of do. But being awesome pals, they stick by her side, helping her figure out who changed her into a vamp. During this time, people are being killed and a strange guy seems to know more about her than she does. (Freaky) Meg and her friends run into a ton of danger along the way. The end is left open, allowing room for a second book. I can’t wait to see where Meg and pals end up!


YAY! I’m super excited to announce the title to the second book in the Distraction series: ADDICTION! Everyone has been so supportive and I love reading your responses to your favorite characters. So great to know you love them as much as I do! Thank you all 😀

A quick reminder, this Saturday, September 20th from 1-3pm, fellow YA/NA author, Heather Van Fleet and I will be at Readmore Books store in Moline, Illinois signing books. Please note that books are limited. Be sure to grab a copy just in case ❤  (Buy links listed at the end of post) This is my first signing. I’m nervous and pumped at the same time O_O

Hope to see y’all there! 😀


Untold Press is thrilled to announce the acquisition of the next book in the DISTRACTION Series by Amazon Best Selling Author, Angela McPherson! ADDICTION will be available this December!


(Distraction, Book 2)

New Adult/Contemporary Romance

Despite denying their love for years, in the end no distraction could keep best friends Tristan and Elle apart. Passion and heat explode as the two finally discover what they’ve been missing, needing, wanting for so long.

As Tristan and Elle return home for Christmas break, the two are gifted with a few unexpected surprises. Heather, Elle’s sister, has come home and even better, she’s now clean and sober. During this time, Tristan and his dad manage to work through their strained relationship, finding compromise and understanding. For the couple, everything is coming together—until circumstances change, threatening their new-found happiness.

Love is an addiction both craved, but when devastating secrets are revealed, Elle pushes Tristan away. He won’t let go. She can’t hold on. Is their love strong enough to keep them together? Falling in love was never an issue, but for Tristan and Elle, falling apart may be.



Aside from the normal changes in her life, college junior Elle Richards can always count on her friendship with Tristan. The longing for him to love her back is something she keeps well hidden, even from herself. No matter how many miles apart they are, regular phone calls and texts keep them close…until the day everything changes.

Wide Receiver Tristan Daniels has a good thing going. Much to his, and every single woman’s surprise, he’s in a committed relationship. The possibility of going pro looks more than promising…until his spur of the moment transfer to a rival college is approved. Now, Tristan will be forced to be in the presence of the woman he’s secretly loved for as long as he can remember. Elle.

Being away from one another was enough to keep Tristan and Elle distracted, but angst, confusion, and troubled secrets launch them into a breathless, heart pumping story you won’t want to miss!

Recommended for mature audiences 18+

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Book Signing News and More…

Hey, everyone!

I’ve been gone a while… Sorry, I really suck at blogging. BUT! I’ve got some awesome news 😀 On September 20th, 2014 from 1-3pm, fellow YA/NA author Heather Van Fleet and I will be at Readmore Book store  in Moline, Illinois to sign books! Woot Woot I really hope to see y’all there. This will be my first author anything. So cool, if not a wee bit scary. Come out and say hi ❤

On to Distraction 2 News:

I’ve sent my blurb for Distraction #2 to my editor, so as soon as I have a go ahead, I’ll release the title… which will release THIS December. As in December 2014, pretty freaking amazing. Just sayin’!


I was asked to list a dream cast for my characters in Distraction. I kinda love/hate this request because I have a hard time pinning down the PERFECT Tristan, Elle or any other character. So, I asked a few friends to help me out. Below are the results. Comment and Enjoy!  ❤ Check out original post @LadyAmber’s Review Blog

Tristan Daniels



Elle Richards

Lucy Hale  


Alyssa (Elle’s best friend) as Julianne Hough


 Bret (Alyssa’s boy toy) as Kellan Lutz 



Ginger (Um, not-so-nice, rich chick/roommate/sorority sister) Holland Roden 


Eric (Elle’s exBoyfriend) as Scott Eastwood 


Kellie (Tristan’s exFiancee)  as Mila Kunis 


Sabaska’s Quest (Tales of the Travelers, #2) Book Blitz and Giveaway with J.A. Campbell


 A Young Adult Fantasy

Sabaska’s Quest

(Tales of the Travelers, #2)


J.A. Campbell

Published with Untold Press


Last summer, Anna’s world got turned upside-down. It’s hard to believe her travels to different worlds and fantastic yet dangerous adventures really took place. Little things, like the twinge of pain from her healing ribs, and a few relics, remind her that her journeys did actually occur. David, a ghost she met on her travels, suddenly reappears, bringing both old friends and foes back into her life. To help Sabaska, Anna must attempt to rescue captured Travelers from a Vanir stronghold, and still get home in time for school. An easy task compared to dealing with her mixed feelings for Cahir.

Uncovering a Vanir plot to find a powerful lost mage will test her strength and dedication to the Travelers. With the help of new and old friends, they set out in search of the mage. He could tip the balance of the war in either side’s favor and it’s up to Sabaska and Anna to get there first.


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Julie has been many things over the last few years, from college student, to bookstore clerk and an over the road trucker. She’s worked as a 911 dispatcher and in computer tech support, but through it all she’s been a writer and when she’s not out riding horses, she can usually be found sitting in front of her computer. She lives in Colorado with her three cats, her vampire-hunting dog Kira, her new horse and Traveler-in training, Triska, and her Irish Sailor.She is the author of many Vampire and Ghost-Hunting Dog stories and the young adult fantasy series Tales of the Travelers. She’s a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Dog Writers of America Association and the editor for Steampunk Trails fiction magazine.




Forgiving Gia Cover Reveal with Gina Whitney

Title: Finding Gia (Rocker Series: Two)
Author: Gina Whitney
Genre: Erotica BDSM
Expected Release Date: October 20, 2014
Cover Designed by: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design & PhotographyHosted by: Lady Amber’s Tours
Abel Gunner is a Dom rock-star with legendary skills in the bedroom. He swore he wouldn’t fall for another women after scheming manipulative Morgana. Until, he met his new Sub Gia Mastro. His darkened soul longed for her submission, affection, and ultimately love. Her pain brings the pleasure he craves. They share a deep connection that has him craving the love he never asked for. Her smile calms the beast that rages within. Gia loves Abel more than life itself. But, Abel is devastated by what he perceives as lies and deceit and threatens to destroy what little happiness Gia’s ever known. Her life hangs in the balance. His life depends on forgiving her. This couple must face many truths: Is love enough to overcome the damage that dwells within? Gia’s experiences with love have been nil. Until meeting the infamous bad-boy rocker Abel Gunner. Swept up in a mind-bending Dom/Submissive love affair she’s force to make decisions that have both helped and hurt their relationship. Gia’s mother has betrayed her in the worst possible way. Abel’s ex-girlfriend Morgana an unbearable thorn. When she wakes her reality is stripped of meaning. Abel, has walked away from her leaving her imprisoned with torment within her own mind. They both have to face their demons before they can embrace a future together. In the end, they’re faced with two choices: Fight for love or die with their demons.
Gina Whitney grew up reading Judy Blume, and Nancy Drew books. She was raised in the town of North Valley Stream, New York(Long Island)and attended community college for fashion design. At 19 she opened a boutique. She recently published her first paranormal romance novel Blood Ties. When she’s not writing, she’s hanging with family and friends. She shares a home with her wonderful son’s PJ and Drew, and their 200lb Mastiff Hercules. She currently lives in Massapequa, New York. Reading has always been a passion and obsession. You can usually find her typing furiously while shouting obscenities over her latest work. She also enjoys a good laugh, being snarky, espresso, and above all steamy swooning angst filled novels. She’s pathologically obsessed with True Blood(Eric ;), Games of Thrones, Borgias, Vampire Diaries and Originals. You can also find her chatting it up with readers on Facebook.
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The Blue Effect Release Day Blitz with Rose Shababy

Title: The Blue Effect: A Renegade Heroes Novel
Author: Rose ShababyGenre: Adult Sci Fi Fantasy
Blue Brennan is jaded and bitter despite her pinup girl looks and quick wit. Night after night, she scours the Seattle club scene looking for someone or something to fill the emptiness inside.
When she meets the mysterious Kasey, her world stops… literally.
He claims she has the ability to control time and stuns her even further when
he reveals his own gifts.
Blue is inexplicably drawn to Kasey and reluctantly enters his
world filled with a new breed of humanity. They’re misfits like her, blessed or
cursed with powerful abilities, struggling to hide their differences from the
rest of society.
Then the group discovers a nameless, faceless sociopath with
nightmarish powers; and he’s coming for Blue. She’s left reeling when they
discover her gifts are the key to defeating his terrible evil and saving them
Now she must race against the clock to harness her own powers and
save her new friends. Can she be more than a renegade? Can she be a hero too?
Rose Shababy and her family reside in eastern Washington State. Rose grew up in the Northwest but swears she’s going to move to warmer climates someday. She’s claimed this for over 20 years, however, and has yet to move more than 75 miles away from her mother.
Rose has a deep love of all things Star Trek and yearns to travel
the heavens, as well as an intense desire to be bitten by a radioactive spider.
Unfortunately she sucks at science and math so she hasn’t been able bring her
dreams to life, instead living vicariously through books, comics, television
and film. She hopes to someday make a million dollars so she can afford to buy
her way to the international space station, but she’d settle for being able to
fly around the world and leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Rose also loves to cook and worked for years in a gourmet Italian
grocery and deli where she learned to hone her skills. She prepares culinary
masterpieces for her family, but fervently wishes the dishes would wash
themselves. Especially now that her dishwashers/children are nearly grown and
only one still lives at home.
Rose likes to use her free time wisely. For instance, she likes to
daydream, will often read for hours until she falls asleep on the couch with an
electric blanket and a warm tabby cat curled up on her hip, as well as spending
cozy weekend days watching Syfy movies like Sharknado and Mega Piranha with her
If Rose were a cartoon animal, she’d prefer to be a wise old owl
or a sleek and sexy jaguar, but in reality she’d probably be a myopic mole with
coke-bottle glasses.


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Review Blurb:
The best debut novel I’ve read in years. Blue is the type of unique, honest, protagonist usually only experienced in Stephen King novels. The Blue Effect was part Fight Club, part X-Men and sucked me in from the very first chapter to the very last word. Powerfully written with a compelling plot and wicked antagonist. Couldn’t ask for anything more – except the sequel! –Robert Dugoni, NY Times Best Selling Author – My Sister’s Grave

Excerpt One
As I scanned the crowd my eyes fell on one person out of sync with the rest. Close to my age, maybe a little older, he obviously didn’t belong in the club. His clothes, messy looking slacks and a gray t-shirt, hung on his lean frame. He finished his look with a tartan scarf and brown fedora that seemed more at home on an old man than one in his twenties.
He pulled his hat off and shaggy brown hair fell across his eyes as he danced. Well, he didn’t dance so much as sway to the music, his eyes closed while a hint of a smile graced his lips. As he danced, he bobbed his head back and forth and his hands moved like graceful waves. His shadow grin seemed to infuse his entire body. He danced by himself as if he didn’t care what anyone around him thought, as if he danced for himself and no one else. He looked completely out of place, yet he appealed to me and I felt myself wanting to go to him.
I was shocked by the surge of jealousy that rushed through me as I stared at him. His face broke through my drunken haze and I realized this man was no paper doll. His face belonged to a truly happy man. Hell, he looked fucking ecstatic.  
He had the face of an angel.
Excerpt Two
“Kasey,” I yelled stupidly, knowing it wouldn’t do any good but unable to stop myself. “Kasey, where are you?”
I burst through another door to find the bathroom, a layer of steam frozen in the air. I pulled the curtain back without even thinking about who might be in the shower, and slumped with relief when I found Kasey. He held a washcloth to his face as a stream of water rained down on him, frozen in place.
“Kasey,” I breathed happily, and reached out to grab his hand.
As I touched him, the same spark I always felt when we made contact erupted and the world came to life again. Water spewed all over me, soaking my clothes, spilling over onto the floor, but I didn’t care.
Kasey startled and yelped a little when he saw me. He recovered quickly. “Blue? What happened?”
I smiled, my tears mixing with the hot water from the shower as I launched myself at him, hugging him tightly. He smiled back and wrapped his arms around me.
Thank god I found you! I thought. “I’m so glad you’re here,” I whispered in his ear.
“I knew you would come back,” he whispered back, just before his lips found mine.
Excerpt Three
Clearly the time had come for the two of us to have it out. “I may have thought you were hot when we first met, and you got to listen to the nasty thoughts in my head, but every time we meet I find it harder to like you. In fact, every time you open your mouth, you get uglier and uglier. I don’t know if Val was right, and you really are jealous, but let me make this crystal clear for you. There is no part of me that wants you.”
His eyes narrowed for a moment, and then, before I could do anything, his hands shot out and grabbed my shoulders again. He yanked me close to him and I the heat from his chest burned through my t-shirt. His face was so close to mine I could feel his hot breath blazing against my cheek when he spoke. “You’re a little liar,” he hissed. “There is a part of you that likes this,” he shook me a little and I flushed with rage… and something else. “And goddamn me, there’s a part of me that likes it too.” He hovered with his face still close to mine and for a moment I thought he was going to kiss me. My head fell back slightly and my lips parted involuntarily as I anticipated his invasion.
Then he released me, almost flinging me away from him. I pressed my back against the wall as I watched him and tried to catch my breath as my traitorous heart beat so hard I thought it might burst out of my chest.
“Let me make this crystal clear for you,” he mimicked. “Kasey is like a brother to me and if you hurt him, you’ll wish you never met me.”


“I already do,” I whispered with sincerity.


Drawing Down the Moon Cover Reveal with Steven Lee Climer

Title: Drawing Down the Moon
Author: Steven Lee Climer  
Genre: YA Horror/Dark Fantasy
Expected Release Date: Nov. 4, 2014
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s Tours
A group of misfits learn how to conjure an ancient dark evil that gives them the power to be judge, jury, and executioner.

Ronan and her friends unlock the secrets of delivering vengeance on their tormentors with an ancient artifact found in Ronan’s mom’s mail. However, it goes beyond petty high school teasing and the trio begins doling out horrific punishments.
When it goes too far and Ronan wants out, Lyda, the charming new student, gets in her way. Ronan must break Lyda’s hold on her friends before they become the monsters hunting each other.

Tag Line: Because Every Teen Wants Revenge

Steven Lee Climer lives in Metropolitan Detroit with his partner.  He is an avid amateur bodybuilder, gardener, and all-around handyman.  He has sold the motion picture rights of his novel Demonesque to After Dark Productions, and is the recipient of several honors including the Darrell Award, Eppie for Best Horror Novel 2000, and 1997 finalist for Best First Novel from the International Horror Guild.
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Love In Rewind Book Blitz with Tali Alexander

Title: Love In Rewind
Author: Tali Alexander
Genre: Erotic Romance, Adult Romance, NA Contemporary FictionHosted by: Lady Amber’s Tours
Emily has the life every woman dreams of.
At 29, she has two beautiful kids, a live-in nanny, housekeeper, cook, and every imaginable luxury in the posh Upper East Side townhouse she shares with her drop-dead gorgeous husband, Louis Bruel. His company, Bruel Industries, owns a big chunk of New York City’s most sought-after real estate, and together Emily and Louis embody the perfect hot fairy tale couple for ten happy years of marriage.
But when Louis mysteriously starts pushing Emily away, becoming distant and secretive, she is forced to search for the truth among the lies, scandal and heartbreak of his past that threaten to shatter her world. What she finds out will test the strength of her love and her vows to the man of her dreams.
Can Emily and Louis rewind far enough back to a time when life was simpler and love was all they needed? Follow their story with the help of some of their favorite songs from the 80’s to discover just how deep and how far love will go.

“Nothing really to tell, what you see is what you get.”I am every woman out there that has fantasies in her head. I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a wife, a lover, a mother, and a friend. I happen to also be a Doctor of Pharmacy and a business owner by day, and now a writer by night. Writing and reading help me escape the scary world we live in. I hope my stories help readers experience many different emotions and ultimately, I hope I make them smile…

Writing keeps me sane. I hope reading does the same for you.

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I didn’t need to look back to know who was behind me. His scent alone added another milliliter of arousal to my underwear. I couldn’t turn around, he was leaning into me so close. I could feel his heat as his wide muscular chest pressed against me, enveloping me. Heart don’t fail me, now. Please don’t stop beating, I kept repeating to myself as my heartbeat started increasing to presto speed.
“Are you trying to make me come in my pants in front of all my clients, little girl?” he asked.
Fuck, I need to breathe. He continued whispering into my ear, making every hair on my body stand at attention. “I’ve been jerking off to the vision of your tits in that white top for the last two weeks.”
I think I officially stopped breathing when he said, “your tits.”
“Please tell me you’re at least eighteen. I really don’t want to go to jail. But I think it might be worth it even if you’re not.”
Okay, Emily, snap out of it. Say something adult and memorable. This was my chance.
“Yeah, I’m eighteen…” I finally said, a little breathlessly. He got a little closer as his whole body shook laughing at my pathetic comment. I could faintly feel something hard bulging out and grazing my lower back. I was afraid of having a spontaneous orgasm if he got any closer.
“Thank … you … God. So you must be Jenna’s little sister?” he asked, sending chills through my overheated body. My underwear was soaked by now. Even I could smell how aroused I was.
“If Mike knew what I wanted to do to his hot little sister-in-law right now, he’d have my balls.”
I still hadn’t turned around. My legs were shaking; my brain was drawing a blank. I was much braver in my fantasies. Thank God there was no one in the kitchen to see us. WAIT! Reality hit me—where was everybody? Shouldn’t the other staff members be helping me with the clean up? Oh my God, can somebody see us? I thought. I remembered the one-way glass and started to turn my head around to check just in case anyone else was there. That’s when Louis Bruel’s lips brushed my cheek as I turned my head. I guess that was the official moment I stopped breathing. I gathered all my strength and turned to face him inside his loose grip. I looked up at him, trying to seem in control of the situation. After what felt like twenty minutes of me craning my head up to his towering height, he broke our silent stare-off.
“I can’t believe how beautiful your eyes are, little girl. They remind me of the water in Turks and Caicos. Your hair is the color of the sand there.”