Interception Book News Update!

Hey, guys!
As you know, I’ve worked to finish Interception, book 3 of the Distraction Series for a while now. Well, I wrote two amazing, yet bittersweet words last night: The End.

*insert crazy dance moves here*


Your messages have encouraged me to keep going! Especially on days, I get home late from working in the office, then jump to rushing kids here and there, then returning home again to a brain that wants to shut down. You guys make every single long night worth it. I’ve said it before, but I soooo mean it, THANK YOU! ❤ ❤

Y’all ready for the blurb?!!! Hope so because I can’t wait to share it. Here it is!


Distraction, #3 

*The Third and Final Book in The Distraction Series*

Four years of college is coming to an end, and Tristan Daniels and Elle Richards are ready to take the next step toward a future together. Tristan gets drafted into the NFL, and a small newspaper offers Elle her dream job. Their happiness is within reach.

But life has a way of intercepting everything they’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

Love is defined in moments of weakness. Though it’s been months since Elle’s miscarriage, the pain remains an agony that threatens to undo her. True to form, Tristan is the rock, even as he watched the love of his life rushed to surgery. Thrown into chaos, the couple learns to work through their hurt and find solace through the heartache.

Until someone from the past resurfaces and seeks to shatter them for good.

From the beginning, no distraction could keep the best friends apart. Love became an addiction too strong for them to ignore. Now, before they can have a future, they must learn to conquer hardships and embrace what is truly important—

Each other.

Be sure to click below to add this bad boy to your Goodreads TBR list. Eek! So excited though a little sad to say goodbye to Tristan and Elle ❤  What a ride, right 🙂  Oooh, I’ll be announcing more news regarding this series later next week, so stay tuned!





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