Hope’s Defeat Cover Reveal and Giveaway :)


Hey Guys!

I’m gonna start by saying there may be a few quirky things in here also knows as mistakes. Gotta love being human. 😉

How was everyone’s summer? My kids started school this past Wed. I can’t believe I only have two kids in high school (my son is a senior and my youngest is a sophomore) this year. My oldest starts college next week. Like, how in the heck did that even happen? Time definitely goes fast, so be sure to hug your babies.

Let’s get on with the book news! So I’m getting ready to turn in another round of edits for Hope’s Defeat, the final book in The Fated Trilogy. I still can’t believe the series kick-started my writing career, and that I’m about to say goodbye to Trinity and the gang. It’s so incredible where this journey has taken me over the years. The best part? Interacting with fellow readers! I’ve learned so much from all of you! The book community is seriously the best out there, and I’m proud to be part of it.

Now to the Thank YOU’s! The magical Stacy Garcia used her magic for good to create some really amazing graphics for me. So shout out to her. To JM Walker with Just Write. Creations, thank you for bringing Hope’s Defeat to life. This cover is more than what I imagined it would be. Stracey Charran, you are the ultimate! Thank you for sending my book babies out into the cyber world so everyone can love them the way you do ❤ Amber Garcia, thank you for putting this cover reveal together, and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who posted/shared. Seriously, I’m so grateful ❤


Giveaway stuff! Who loves some extra Amazon spending cash? Everyone, right? If you’ll scroll to the bottom of the newsletter, you can enter Hope’s Defeat’s giveaway. Easy? Cool! 🙂 Hope'sDefeat_EB

Add Hope’s Defeat to your Goodreads TBR List!


While some bonds break, fate built theirs to last forever.

Winning the battle against Melia was supposed to give Trinity and Blain a chance to live a normal life. The problem is another evil has taken the Rogue’s place, shattering any promise of a future Trinity hoped to have with her sworn guardian.

Darkness now controls Blain.

Freeing his soul is a challenge Trinity gladly accepts, but rescuing the love of her life comes with one major complication. To save him she must go through Cronus, the ancient god who holds Blain’s light hostage.

Every Watcher Trinity enlisted failed.

Nothing is too extreme if it releases Blain. Summoning a forgotten god is dangerous, but for help in the fight against Cronus it’s worth the risk. In the end, she’ll even gamble her own soul to set Blain’s free.

Protecting humankind isn’t just a destiny Trinity was born to uphold—it’s her rite of passage. One that may cost her life.

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Thank you for all your support!

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