Interception Book News Update!

Hey, guys!
As you know, I’ve worked to finish Interception, book 3 of the Distraction Series for a while now. Well, I wrote two amazing, yet bittersweet words last night: The End.

*insert crazy dance moves here*


Your messages have encouraged me to keep going! Especially on days, I get home late from working in the office, then jump to rushing kids here and there, then returning home again to a brain that wants to shut down. You guys make every single long night worth it. I’ve said it before, but I soooo mean it, THANK YOU! ❤ ❤

Y’all ready for the blurb?!!! Hope so because I can’t wait to share it. Here it is!


Distraction, #3 

*The Third and Final Book in The Distraction Series*

Four years of college is coming to an end, and Tristan Daniels and Elle Richards are ready to take the next step toward a future together. Tristan gets drafted into the NFL, and a small newspaper offers Elle her dream job. Their happiness is within reach.

But life has a way of intercepting everything they’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

Love is defined in moments of weakness. Though it’s been months since Elle’s miscarriage, the pain remains an agony that threatens to undo her. True to form, Tristan is the rock, even as he watched the love of his life rushed to surgery. Thrown into chaos, the couple learns to work through their hurt and find solace through the heartache.

Until someone from the past resurfaces and seeks to shatter them for good.

From the beginning, no distraction could keep the best friends apart. Love became an addiction too strong for them to ignore. Now, before they can have a future, they must learn to conquer hardships and embrace what is truly important—

Each other.

Be sure to click below to add this bad boy to your Goodreads TBR list. Eek! So excited though a little sad to say goodbye to Tristan and Elle ❤  What a ride, right 🙂  Oooh, I’ll be announcing more news regarding this series later next week, so stay tuned!





Walking Heartbreak, Interception, Gypsy Love, Book Signings and More

Next year is quickly approaching, and I’ll be attending a book signing in San Antonio, TX in early February 2016. If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you swing by and chat for a while. Click on the image below to purchase tickets ❤



Moving on! For those who didn’t get a chance to join Sunniva Dee’s Walking Heartbreak Facebook Release Party, read below to see what happened.

Walking Heartbreak


Sunniva Dee

1 Walking Heartbreak

(Click on cover to purchase)


Indie-rocker Bo Lindgren is worshiped for his looks and musical genius. It’s been lonely at the top since his ex left. Bo will never take a girlfriend again though, because he doesn’t have the chops to love. He knows he’s poison, a heartbreak waiting to happen for anyone he allows too close—like his ex. Bo screws his way through the fangirls until he’s sick of it all. Until the dark gaze of Nadia Vidal appears in the door to his dressing room.

Saved from an arranged marriage by Jude, the love of her life, Nadia eloped and got married at nineteen. But now, two years later, life is wilted, dead, and not what anyone should have to endure.

Nadia, with her secret-keeper eyes and instant understanding of who Bo is, attracts and fascinates him without even trying. The ring gleaming on her finger should keep them apart, but morals can’t always resist destiny.

When brokenhearted meets heartbreaker, whose heart is really at stake?

*Standalone novel. Contains explicit language, sex, and emotions.*

*5 Alien Star Review*

I love Bo and Nadia’s dance, it’s slow and intense, and I had a terrible feeling this book would leave me utterly devastated in the end. Well, the end came, and I found myself a complete mess. Nadia’s sad backstory made me want to protect her from hurting any more than she already had. When Bo entered the picture I held my breath, not sure if he would break her or heal her. Turned out, Bo and Nadia were both broken but learn to build something between each other I didn’t see coming. Sunniva Dee writes with tender compassion. Walking Heartbreak is by far my favorite Sunniva Dee has written, and I look forward to devouring her next book!



Gypsy Love, written by fellow author Lynn Vroman and myself is now available to add to your Goodreads TBR list! The first half of Adrian and Mia’s story was part of the Beneath the Cape—the Superhero Anthology. Gypsy Love is expected to be released in early 2016 and Lynn, and I are excited to share the second half of this story with you all. Click the link below to read the blurb and add to Goodreads.



Along with giving books and gift cards away, I revealed the first chapter of Interception, Distraction 3! You’ve all been so supportive, and I wanted everyone the chance to get a sneak peek, so here it is. Please keep in mind this has NOT been professionally edited.


Distraction, 3

Chapter 1

Tristan slid his fingertips down my bare skin to rest on the curve of my hip.

“Time to get up,” he whispered, pressing his chest against my back, warming me against the early morning chill.

“Five more minutes.” I yawned, and Tristan chuckled.

“Long night?” The hand on my hip sloped down to my stomach. Using his palm, Tristan tugged, fitting me against him. I squirmed, and a fire burned away whatever cold remained.

It’d been a while since he’d touched me like this, freely, without a new lacy undergarment tempting him. I wanted him so bad.

“Tristan,” I moaned as he massaged the sensitive mound between my thighs. I spread my legs wider, allowing him full access.

“Thought you were tired,” he said as his lips danced across my skin.

I wiggled. Tristan hissed through clenched teeth as I pressed my ass into his hardness. “Changed my mind.” I reached behind me and weaved my fingers through his thick hair.

Tristan nipped at my neck while the rhythm of his hand drove me wild, adding to the building pleasure between my legs.

“Tristan, I—”

“What, spud?” He slowed his pace, removing his finger from my nub, denying my climax.

Peeping over my shoulder, I found a sexy smirk on his face.

Tristan said, “Tell me what you want.” He pulled his fingers out, leaving my swollen clit throbbing. I whimpered at the loss.

“I want you.” I rolled onto my back to see him clearly. Escaped light filtered in through the cracks in the blinds, revealing the desire darkening his golden brown eyes. “I want you inside me. Plea—”

Tristan’s lips crashed into mine, his tongue claiming my mouth. A shudder ran through me the instant we connected—the moment he possessed my body.




Last Hours to Win $500!

OMG, I’ve been super sick this week. UGH! Sucks so bad, but today I’m feeling much better. I’ve walked around with tissues stuffed up my nose… yeah, not pretty. Good news is, I finished reading Adrenaline by Sunniva Dee! Let me just say WOW! This book is by far my favorite, and I loved her other books. That’s saying something. Almost finished with Opposition, too! Woot! Woot! Read Fractured Energy by Lynn Vroman, which is now my favorite in her Energy series. Get’s pretty steamy in this one 🙂 This week I’m hoping to finish a secret project 😉 finish edits for HD2, and get some serious words down for Interception! Basically, I’m gonna be working my ass off.

Real quick, I want to say thanks to everyone who joined Lynn and I on Facebook throughout the week during our takeover! Congrats to all the winners… Speaking over winners, there is still time to WIN that $500 Amazon Gift Card! Winner will be announced TOMORROW, so be sure to enter NOW!

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Books Stuff and Reviews

Okay, so I’m gonna try really hard to write a post once a week. Try… I’ve been busy, swear! I’m editing Hope’s Deceit (The Fated, #2) while writing Interception (Distraction, #3)—plan to have Interception finished at the end of April, so feel free to pester me until it’s done 😉

I got some reading in, too! So excited!! Love Always, Kate, Leon’s Way, and Lost Energy were such fantastic reads and the authors are super sweet. Anyone ready to tackle Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens? Man, I can’t wait to jump back into Kellan Kyle’s world. *fans self* But before I read Thoughtful I plan to finish Jennifer Armentrout’s Origin (so sad the series is over, which is why I haven’t read this yet) and on to Taking Chances by Molly McAdams (OMG! I actually met her! Super sweet!). What’s on y’alls reading list? I’d love suggestions on what to read next ❤

All right, off to edit and write. See everyone again next week. Don’t be strangers, and check out my reviews below! 😀




Last spring, Lena discovered who she was.

Now all she wants to do is move on—and find a way to be with Tarek, the new Warden of Arcus and the love of her life. Even though worlds separate them now, she holds onto the hope they’ll be together again. Until then, Lena focuses on being truly happy for the first time in her life…this life. She has new friends, an apartment free from her abusive father, and the chance to live a normal life.

But for Lena, the past never stays gone.

A woman from another lifetime reveals Cassondra, Exemplian’s new authority commander, is seeking revenge against Tarek for killing her brother. There is only one way to end this new threat…

This time, it will take more than Wilma to keep the monsters away. It’ll take an entire army–an army who remembers Lena from her past life, and who might just want her dead, too.

Lena’s past will shape her future more than she could ever imagine.

5 Alien Stars

Kick ass book! Full review once released, but damn, so good! I’m late, but here is my full review. I loved Lost more than Tainted Energy. The story is fast paced and filled with more action. However, I don’t enjoy a book unless it has romance, so let’s cut to the good part 😉 Lena and Tarek aren’t together, but he’s able to talk to her every night. OMG! So sad, but sweet at the same time. He misses her and she him, of course. Reading the angst was more than enough to keep me flipping page after page. I HAD to know if they got their happy ending….

Aside from Lena and Tarek, Vroman’s side characters shine, too! I mean to write so well that it makes me care about what happens to someone else in the book, is a gift. Details below…

Remember Belva from Tainted? The asshole chick turned Lena’s best-friend. She’s actually a pretty cool person. What about Ferran? He’s the Protector, who at the end of Tainted was sent to watch over Lena since Tarek was stuck in Arcus. Anyway, Belva and Ferran spark up a nice little romance! I LOVED the banter between them. They totally made me laugh and blush the entire time.

Lost isn’t rainbows and sunshine. Lena’s on a mission to make up for her past, and to do that she learns more than she wants to. Trust and determination push Lena and when the end came, I was shocked. The book finishes with one hell of a cliffhanger! UGH! Can’t wait to read where Vroman takes her characters in Fractured Energy!

I think if you enjoy SiFi, action, different worlds, and romance, then you’ll love Lynn Vroman’s Energy Series!


I’m Leon , number one object of Deepsilver’s rumor mill. Owner of student hotspot, Smother.

Since I was sixteen, the world has been mine. I do everything—
My way.

Every co-ed in town clenches her thighs over me, but most don’t fit the bill. See, I like my girls broken . Once I detect my shade of don’t-give-a-fuck damaged, I fight hard, I fight dirty, and I don’t give up until—
I conquer.

Drunk fathers and frequent beatings don’t merit attention, but when my despicable dad starts the process of croaking, I’m forced to remember. Thus, the downward spiral begins: my latest broken-girl turns the tables on me and splits. My hot-as-hell employee, Arriane, throws me the curve ball of a lifetime. And suddenly—
I’m out of control.

But at the center of my chaos, she exists. Always close, always sweet, and so beautifully fucking… wholesome. She represents everything I’ve shied from in a woman. Still—
I crave her.

I’m Leon, and I don’t deny my cravings. Just—this girl is not surrendering. So here I am, fighting harder. Fighting dirtier. And goddammit all, I will—


 5 Alien Stars

A great book keeps me glued to my seat until the end, and Leon’s Way did just that! The characters made laugh, yell, and cry. A roller coaster of emotions filled with highs and lows, but so worth every minute it took to reach the finish line. Leon captured my interest from the beginning, and OMG was he hot! LEON: A sexy, smart, fun-loving, wild and broken mess of a man. Arriane: A hard working, responsible, smart, independent woman secretly in love with her boss. Leon and Arrianne’s life changes on New Year’s Eve… One night full of fire makes for a heck of a story! Trust me, Leon’s Way isn’t for the faint of heart, this book is for people who love angst!


Love Always Kate

Dear Diary,

Leukemia’s been my life since I was eleven. Now, six years later, I want my life back. Only I’m not sure what that is.

The test results came back today. 22,000. Which means I’m officially out of remission—again.

I have three options:
1. Another round of chemo.
2. A super-new experimental drug.
3. Dump it all— forget the meds and treatments and enjoy the time I have left.

I think I know what I want.

Then, in walks Damian, changing everything.

I mean, everything.

He’s got his own set of issues. It binds us together, you know? We understand what it’s like to lose what matters most in seconds.

Still, the last thing I need is to have someone else to crush if I can’t fight hard enough. And the last thing he needs is someone else to grieve.

Never mind. I’m down to two options now.

Somehow I know that whichever one I choose, the result will be the same. With the sand in my hourglass seeping to the bottom, I hope there’s enough left to show Damian that life’s worth living. Worth fighting for.

Worth dying for.

Love Always,


5 Alien STARS

Love Always, Kate isn’t a quick read. It’s the type of book you take in slowly. Read each page carefully, soaking up every emotion King throws your way. I fully expected to wipe my eyes a few times… I didn’t expect to feel so much that I couldn’t STOP crying. UGH! I hate reviews. I want to tell you why I hated and loved Damian. Say why I ached to take Kate and her parents pain away… but I can’t. Love Always, Kate is a book you have to read in order to experience its greatness: happiness, longing, torture, love. The characters are well developed and realistic in their flaws. The story never slows or drags, but rather keeps moving at a steady pace. You see each scene as if it were on the big screen. Fantastic job, D. Nichole King! I can’t wait to read more 🙂  AND! Eight Days (A Love Always, Kate novella) is out! I’m dying to jump into that. On King’s FB page, she mentioned a book2: Love Always, Damian. OMG! Yeah, I totally need to stock up on Kleenex. Hope you enjoyed ❤