Fun Stuff from Characters in The Fated Series

About Trinity Whitebone: I’m a senior in high school. I love hanging out with my two best friends (Crystal and Keri). I can feel emotions from people and have recently learned the reason behind that sucky gift is because I’m a descendant of Pandora. *gasp* Yeah, and I’m supposed to fix her mistakes. How fair is that? On the bright side, I have a personal guardian who is hot, like fan your face hot. Blain is super sweet, well, when he isn’t trying to tell me what to do or being a jerk. He’s kinda moody.

Likes: I love watching scary movies, like the old-school kind. Reading. Staying alive (I’ve had some close calls). Learning more combat moves. Kissing Blain *blushing* And I’m stoping there. 😀

About Blain Heros: I’m one of the original Watchers and personal guardian to one of the most stubborn females I’ve ever had the pleasure to protect. Trinity Whitebone is a pain in my ass most days and her inability to listen to what I say has nearly gotten her killed. Other than that she’s amazing, strong, and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. *clears throat* Um, I can also kick some serious ass. I’m also better than Morpheus at, well, everything. Just saying.

Likes: Stuff.

About Morpheus:  Morpheus is the name and lovin’ is my game!  First off, I’m great in hand-in-hand (wink). . .combat, that is. I create dreams, and for the not so fortunate, I create wicked nightmares. Hint, don’t piss me off.

The other day, Trinity said something about invading ones privacy. Between you and me, I’ve never had any complaints in the dream department. I’ve been around since the beginning of man, literally. Melia, Blain, and I used to be a pretty lethal group, until I turned. Sure, being evil had it’s advantages. I took whatever I wanted, but because of Trinity, that’s all changed. I mean, I’m grateful don’t get me wrong. I just miss it sometimes, the living on the edge. Now I have a conscience, well, somewhat.  😉

Likes: I love watching the sun rise and set. I also like to cuddle (opened invitations). I’m more of a cat person. Dogs tend to drool too much. I’m moody when I’m hungry, but who isn’t. I love extra cheese pizza, popcorn with chocolate covered raisins, and country music. Yes, please make fun of my liking country music. I haven’t had the pleasure of hurting anyone in a few days. . . bring it!

About Crystal: So, I’m pretty a pretty Ah-mazing human. Why would I say that? Because I just learned that my best friend isn’t human. It’s pretty kickass, though. And if I’m being honest, which I always am, Trin needed to shake things up a bit because she’s way too nice. Anyway, so back to me! I have a thing for bad boys, which means Morpheus is all I can think about most days. I’m determined to find all his darkest secrets and use them against him… in a total good way, that will fully benefit me, of course. 😉

Likes: I LOVE food, like all kinds––I have an awesome metabolism. I love the idea of love, and finding love, and being in love, and well, all things love! Shopping is pretty high on my list of likes, too. Speaking of shopping, I’m dying to grab these perfect shoes for a dress I bought last week. Gotta jet, see ya ❤

About Keri: Hi, um, everyone. I don’t know what to say, probably ’cause I really hate being in the center of attention. My two best friends are Trin and Crystal. I constantly make sure one stays out of trouble while the other doesn’t get into enough trouble. Polar opposites, those two are, but I love them dearly. Also, um, my hair is a crazy mess of curls? That’s not really a question, it’s a statement but, UGH! Moving on!

Likes: I pretty much enjoy hanging with my friends, and I love my family.

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