Character Interviews from Hope’s Decree

Hello everyone 🙂 I wanted to thank each and every person who has bought, borrowed HD. This morning Hope’s Decree ranked #14 on Kindle’s Best Seller list. Amazing! I’m beyond words…may be because I’m so tired I can’t think, but really, I’m speechless. For those who know me, me speechless is a miracle. Seriously. So, later when I’ve slept I’ll be giving signed copies of Hope’s Decree away. You guys and gals are the most amazing book loving people EVER…now finish reading below:D Today marks the end of our fun character interviews. I had a blast! I want to thank each author for agreeing to join me and for giving us a little more insight from some of our favorite characters. If you missed who came over, here’s a list: J.A. Campbell (Sabaska’s Tale), Laura Thalassa (The Unearthly), Katy O’Dowd (The Lady Astronomer), Joanne Wadsworth (Warrior), Sean Hayden (My Soul to Keep) and Jen Wylie (Broken Prince). You ladies and gentleman, rock! Now, on to Morpheus, Blain and Trinity from my book, Hope’s Decree….


“Morpheus, Trinity and Blain, thanks for answering a few questions. *Everyone nods and smiles back* My first question goes to Morpheus. Morpheus, I’ve had ladies who want to know what song you were singing in the car with Trinity?” *Blain laughs and Morpheus lean forward and glares back at him.*

What’s so funny?” Morpheus crosses his arms over chest.

“Dude, you’ve been going on and on about all the questions you’d be asked.” Blain pauses, attempting to control his fits of laughter. “And the top question is what song you were singing?”

Morpheus directs his attention back to me. “Sorry. Snookums is jealous of all the action I get.” *Morpheus clears his throat* “I believe the song was Blake Shelton’s, Honey Bee. *Morpheus turns to look at Trinity.*

“Um, don’t look at me. I told you I don’t like sappy country music crap.”

“Okay, let’s move on. Morpheus, what was is like when you were evil and do you miss it?”

“Great question, Angela.” Morpheus winks. “When Psycho drove the orb into my chest, I didn’t feel anything. It felt like a weight had lifted and all the things I’d thought were wrong, weren’t. To say I don’t miss it would be a lie.” Morpheus grins wickedly. “Cause ya know, sometimes being a little bad is oh so good.”

“Doesn’t surprise me,” Blain spit out in a rush. Trinity reaches over and laces her fingers through his.

“Be nice,” she whispered in his ear. “Aww, is sweet-cheeks in a bad mood?” Suddenly a flash of white light zaps Morpheus in the chest and knocks him out of his chair and onto the hard ground.

“Hey, what’s with you?” Morpheus stands while dusting off his shirt and then moves back into his seat. “Maybe that’ll teach you to be nice. This,” Trinity waves her hand toward me, “is a professional interview. People aren’t going to want to read about us if you continue being an ass.” Trinity glares while Morpheus rolls his eyes.

“I’m trying to keep the interview fun and interesting, but I can only do so much. You two could help me out.” Morpheus laughs and both Blain and Trinity sends a small current of energy into his chest, again. “When this is over…it’s on.” Morpheus sulks in his chair.

“Let’s move to you, Blain. When you first met Trinity, what did you think of her?”

“Oh, this should be good,” Trinity says, and turns to look at Blain. “Well,” Blain starts and looks at Trinity. “I thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever laid my eyes on….even with popcorn falling from her hair and soda soaked through her shirt.” He winks, and Trinity’s cheeks blush.

“Gag. You two need a break from each other,” Morpheus grumbles.

“You’re just jealous because Crystal hasn’t returned any of your phone calls.” Trinity turns and sticks her tongue out at Morpheus.

“Next question’s for Blain,” I say, interrupting their banter. “The fight between you and Melia was pretty intense. I didn’t think you were going to make it out alive, but you did. Can you talk about what happened? What thoughts ran through your mind, that sort of thing?” Blain slides his hand out from Trinity’s, but only to turn and gaze adoringly back at her. Lifting his hand, he brushes away a few fallen tears down her reddened cheek. Clearing his throat, Blain turns back toward me, his expression grim.

“It was the worst day of my entire existence. When I fought Melia, my only goal was to destroy her for what she’d done to Trinity. I didn’t feel anything but hate and vengeance. I wanted to end her.” Golden light begins to outline his frame, and his eyes close. Breathing in deeply, he continues. “All that registered was Trinity’s fallen figure, lifelessly resting on the snow covered ground. I thought—” *Silence*

“It’s okay, we can stop there,” I allowed after a minute.

“Dude, you are such a wuss,” Morpheus says, breaking the uncomfortable silence. “If Trinity dies, the story is over. No more me, the most wanted bachelor on earth, and yeah, no more you either. Get over yourself.”

Trinity grabs Blain’s hand before he can reach across for Morpheus. “Come on, try it. Looks like you’re still a little slow, brother.” Trinity turns toward Morpheus and frowns.

“Continue egging him on, and next time I won’t stop him from kicking your arrogant ass.”

“Next time I’ll be sure to interview you all separately.” Turning toward Trinity I ask, “Trinity, you’ve embraced your gifts. Accepted your destiny and gotten Blain to admit that he’s crazy about you.” Trinity’s face turns red. “How are you keeping it together?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say I’m keeping it together. More like I just keep moving on. If I allow myself to think about everything for too long I start to freak out. As far as getting this guy,” Trinity gestures to Blain, “I had to drink some nasty stuff which made me forget who he was, and then almost die before he admitted his feelings. I wouldn’t recommend going to such extremes for another guy ever again.”

“Hey, what do you mean another guy?” Blain’s anger is clear to read and his deep blue eyes turns cold. Morpheus laughs.

“Well,” Trinity glares back at him, “it took you way too long to admit you couldn’t live without me.” Blain’s face smooths.

“Fair point,” Blain concedes.

“Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I just have one more question for Trinity. After your near death experience, you went back to Blain’s house for the night.”

“Oh, Gods. I’m going to vomit,” Morpheus says, covering his ears.

“Anyway, you had a horrific dream. Do you think it means anything?”  Trinity’s eyes darts to her trembling hands.

“Hey,” Blain says sweetly, lifting her chin and looks into her eyes. “What dream is she talking about?” Within seconds, fury highlights his face. Blain rushes around Trinity, jerks Morpheus out of his seat, and throws him across the room.

“Blain, no!” Trinity’s voice echoes in the small room.

“What the hell?” Morpheus looks around the room, pissed. Then being his true self, winks and says, “Did she dream about me?” Blain’s face darkeners more and a blaze of golden sparks fly toward him. Moving with the speed of light, Morpheus dodges the attack, all the while laughing. Running to Blain, Trinity grabs the front of his shirt and shakes him, hard.

“Hey, I’m right here. Stop it.” It takes Blain a few seconds to calm down. The air in the room turns chilly. Blain looks at Trinity and then glares at Morpheus. Finally with a curt nod from Blain, all three take their seats again.

“Before one of you injures the other or blows up this room, we’ll finish…. as soon as Trinity answers my last question.” Trinity holds Blain’s hand, a pained look crosses her face. With a sigh she starts.

“I dreamt that Blain was being attacked and I couldn’t reach him.” Trinity closes her eyes and bows her head, taking a few seconds to compose herself. “I had a terrible feeling, like something was wrong and then I found Blain wrapped in darkness.” Opening her eyes, Trinity turns toward Blain. “I’m not sure if I dreamt that because I saw Melia throw that huge black ball of energy at you or what, but it felt so real.”

Tears trickle down her cheeks. Blain’s expression remains blank, too hard to interpret. “At the end, your body was covered in black and then you disappeared all together.”

I turn my attention to Blain and asked, “Blain, would you like to tell us how you feel or what you think of Trinity’s dream?” Blain looks away from Trinity and with coldness in his voice says, “This interview is over.”

Hope you enjoyed the interview…. also, a short chapter will be going up in a day or two…It’s a chapter in Hope’s Decree and is from… Blain’s POV! Be sure to check back for more details.

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Julie Campbell’s Character Interview for Sabaska’s Tale

Welcome to my first group of interviewees. Today we have Sabaska, Anna and Cahir.

***This interview may contain spoilers if you’ve not read Sabaska’s Tale.***

Sabaska's Tale (Tales of the Travelers, #1)


Angela: Sabaksa, thank you for joining us today. Let’s get started. What was life like growing up?

Sabaska: Our home world was destroyed years ago by the Vanir, so we had to find new places to live. The herd I grew up with chose a heavily forested world to raise their children on and call home. Travelers can’t actually Travel to different worlds until they are two, although they can Travel around their own world much younger. Though we don’t all call the same world home, we have pretty typical upbringings. Storytellers teach the stories of our kind, we learn to defend ourselves and pretend to be horses. We get to choose what path we want to take in life. Many stay home, but many of us go out in search of new stories and to fight against the Vanir.

Angela: Aside from Amir, do you speak with other Travelers?

Sabaska: Of course. Though Amir and I haven’t introduced Anna and Cahir to the rest of our people, we have regular meeting points and even some schools where our partners can learn about us from others who know the history. The magical barrier that prevents us from communicating is very frustrating, but we’ve found ways around it.

Angela: Can you tell us which world is your favorite?

Sabaska: There are so many. I particularly like the world Orlinza lives on. She’s an Alfar who has been fighting with us since the beginning of the war that destroyed our home world. Some of the worlds have more cities, even more than Anna’s home, Earth. Some are much more magical. I think I prefer the magical ones. Travelers stand out in cities.

Angela: This may be difficult to talk about, but can you share what it was like riding with Sherrie? Maybe some of your favorite moments before she passed?

Sabaska: Sherrie was my first partner and if I hadn’t desperately needed to complete our mission, I might have retired when she was killed. We traveled together for many years and it was like we were an extension of each other. Unless you’ve really felt that kind of bond, you can’t understand what it was like. Humans believe in souls, and it felt like mine was ripped out when she died. My favorite moments were the quiet ones in the mountains near her home. We didn’t have to worry about anything meaner than a mountain lion and we could know some peace.

Angela: What made you trust Cahir to ride with you?

Sabaska: I knew what he had to give up to ride with me. He gave up a lot of power and prestige and luxury.

Angela: You seemed to know Anna would be your rider. As if the choice was predestined. Do you regret your choice?

Sabaska: Anna had a lot of the same qualities that made me chose Sherrie. She handled our first mission far better than I ever could have expected. No, I don’t regret my choice at all.

Angela: Wow. We’ve learned so much from you today. I can’t wait to read more about you and your adventure….hopefully soon *wink*


Angela: Anna, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions today. *gives a welcoming smile, then looks to handheld notebook*  You’ve learned and dealt with so much, and in such a sort period of time. What keeps you pushing forward?

Anna: Oh man, well, sometimes you just have to keep going. If it’s important enough, you’ll fight for it. Right? Besides, the horses couldn’t defend themselves, so someone had too.

Sabaska: *Nudges Anna and nickers softly*

Cahir: Most people wouldn’t have cared enough, Anna. You’re special.

Anna: No, just stubborn.

Cahir: Well, that too.

Angela: *sifts in seat and clears throat*

 Sabaska: *nickers in laughter*

Angela: You definitely seem to have your grandmother’s spirit. Do you think traveling with Sabaska will be a life long commitment, like your grandmother had?

Sabaska: *Emphatically tosses head*

Anna: I guess that answers that question. I can’t imagine life without Sabaska in it. It’ll be tough while I’m still in school, but we managed to survive our first adventure, so school can’t be that bad. Can it?

Angela: When you were in the field collecting crystals, you seemed to be able to use their magic to defend yourself when you were attacked. Has this power or energy affected you in any way?

Anna: Wow, I’m glad Cahir missed that question. Yeah, um, no, I hope not. As badly as Raymond reacted to that, I can’t imagine anything good would come out of it. Well, except that we’re still alive.

Angela: Have you Traveled to any other worlds with Sabaska since returning home? *eagerly leans forward in chair*

Anna: Not yet. I can’t wait for the next one though. Where too next, Sabaska?

Sabaska: *snort*

Angela: Do you miss the adventure?

Anna: Regular life is kind of dull now, but I’m still healing from some of my injuries so having a break is kind of nice.

Sabaska: *nods*

Cahir: I think she’ll get bored pretty quickly.

Angela: I can only imagine the feelings you felt when you discovered who Cahir really was. Do you think you could learn to trust Cahir again?

Anna: *Glares at Cahir.* Maybe.

Angela: *clears throat, again* The connection between the two of you seemed stronger and hard to ignore. Is this so?

Anna: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Cahir: Anna…

Anna: No, really. No idea whatsoever.

Angela: Have you told your best friend, Karen, about your death-filled summer? If so, how did she take the news? Did she believe you?

Anna: Not yet. There’s no way she’d believe me. I made up stories about camping and stuff. She’s gonna be mad that I didn’t tell her the truth if she ever finds out, but really, what could I say?

Angela: Well, I think that sums it up for, Anna. Thank you.


Angela: Now to you Cahir, can you shed light on the world you grew up on?

Cahir: Well, I don’t really remember much about the world I was born on. As soon as they discovered I had the ability to be a Tracker, or in the old terminology a Farer, they took me to the schools on Vanaheim. My sister had magical talent too, so she went along. We grew up in the school. It’s in the mountains, very pretty, but it has really high, thick walls too. There are creatures on that world that hunt those with magical talent so we couldn’t go out too much except for survival classes until Cathleen learned the skills necessary to protect us. Trackers have the natural ability to teleport to any place they’ve already been. We can’t use magic though.

Anna: Really? Why?

Cahir: Don’t know, that’s just the way it is.

Sabaska: *stomps the ground and lays ears flat.*

Anna: Something about that bothers her, but I don’t know what.

Angela: *furrows brows* What was your training like, and what age did you begin to practice magic?

Cahir: Like I said, I don’t do magic, except for the teleporting thing. Training involved a lot of different things. Survival skills, intense work on refining my ability to teleport, lots of classes, history, things like that.

Anna: So you didn’t grow up riding horses?

Cahir: We did that too.

Angela: Interesting. You grew up to be a mage, with the intention of capturing Travelers. Knowing what you do now, do you think others like yourself would change their way of thinking toward Travelers?

Cahir: No, not really. I think a lot of them do know, and they simply don’t care.

Anna: Figures.

Angela: What made you change your mind and turn against your family to help Anna and Sabaska?

Cahir: Well, it seemed wrong. And, well, I decided I liked Anna. After I found out how closely she and Sabaska were connected, I knew I couldn’t hurt one without hurting the other.

Sabaska: *nudges Cahir on the arm and nickers sympathetically.*

Angela: Do you regret the time spent with Anna?

Cahir: No, of course not. She’s an amazing young woman and I really hope I get to spend more time with her.

Anna: Right….

Angela: Well, that was super fun. I’ll guess I should let y’all get back to your lives.

~The End~

That’s it y’all, I hope you enjoyed learning more about Julie’s characters. Liked the interview, but haven’t read Sabaska’s Tale? No worries. Simply click one of the links below, and dive into Julie’s tale of, mystery, action, and intrigue.

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More Listed Characters for the Interview

As promised, the final list of characters I’m interviewing. Ready? See below!


Sabaksa’s Tale by J. A. Campbell 

Sabaska's Tale (Tales of the Travelers, #1)

Interview includes: The one and only Sabaska, Anna, and Cahir.

Want to learn more about Sabaska’s world? How Anna is dealing with Cahir’s betrayal? Why Cahir decided to help Anna in the end?   List questions in comments.


My Soul to Keep by Sean Hayden

My Soul to Keep (Rise of the Fallen, #1)

See Sean’s witty characters chat it up: Connor, Clarisse, Caelyn and of course, Jessica will be there supporting Connor 😉 


The Lady Astronomer by Katy O’Dowd

The Lady Astronomer

Meet Katy’s crazy, fun characters: Freddie, Lucretia, and we can’t have one without the other, we’ll also chat with the lemur, and the owl!


Now, on to my characters from Hope’s Decree

Hope's Decree (Fated, #1)

Trinity, Blain, and it wouldn’t be the same without Morpheus.

Eek! I can’t wait to have all these great character’s over. The interview’s will be up next month, so be sure to keep checking in. 

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Character Interviews from Joanne Wadsworth, Jen Wylie, Laura Thalassa and MORE!

Okay, I’ve updated my FB page, but neglected my blog ~shakes head~ Sorry for being a slacker. I’m hosting a HUGE, and I mean HUGE character interview up in here. Below is a partial list of authors and their characters. 

Warrior by Joanne Wadsworth


Silas, Hope, Faith (possibly another guest will pop in)

Wanna ask Silas how he dealt with being soul-bound to Hope? Or maybe how Hope is dealing with meeting her sister and mom? 


The Broken Ones (Broken Aro and Broken Prince) by Jen Wylie

Broken Prince

Aro, Kei, and Prince

Want to know how Prince is doing since leaving Aro? Maybe how Kei feels about the prophecies? Or how Aro is able to keep going?

The Unearthly by Laura Thalassa

The Unearthly (The Unearthly, #1)

Gabrielle, Andre, and Oliver!

Wanna know why Andre killed one of his own? Want to learn more about Oliver’s fabulous fashion style? Is Gabrielle being a ‘soul mate’ causing her major problems? 


I’ve more authors and their characters joining in the fun, too! Julie Campbell, Sean Hayden, Katy O’Dowd…and me, duh. 😉 I’ll post the remaining list of amazing characters by the weekend (keep fingers crossed I don’t forget). If you want to ask a certain character a question, jot it down in the comments and I’ll be sure to send it along. 


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