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A Young Adult Time Travel Novel

Into The West


J.A. Campbell

Published by Untold Press


Tina Harker is a typical teenager. She loves hanging with her friends at the mall, buying shoes, and getting manicures. Most of all, she loves horses. Her life is everything she wants until her father drags their family to Arizona. Now she’s living in a virtual ghost town in the middle of the desert, millions of miles from the nearest shopping center.

The one small highlight in the dreadful situation is the local ranch. They have a horse Tina can ride anytime she wants. Trying to make the best of her situation, Tina goes on her first cattle drive and gets a lot more adventure than she expected.

Bandits, cattle thieves, and a really cute cowboy are only the beginning as she finds out the ranch she is coming to love is in grave danger. Can Tina find the strength to travel back in time and save the ranch when her very life is on the line? It’s no simple trip to the mall, but with a little help from her cowboy, she might just save the day.



“Never a good plan to go killing creatures that hang out around magic portals.”Into The West, J.A. Campbell

“Nothing is going to happen,” she said when they parted.
   Rowe winked at her. “I know. Good excuse to kiss you.”
   “You don’t need an excuse.” —Into The West, J.A. Campbell

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J.A. Campbell
Julie has been many things over the last few years, from college student, to bookstore clerk and an over the road trucker. She’s worked as a 911 dispatcher and in computer tech support, but through it all she’s been a writer and when she’s not out riding horses, she can usually be found sitting in front of her computer. She lives in Colorado with her three cats, her vampire-hunting dog Kira, her new horse and Traveler-in training, Triska, and her Irish Sailor.She is the author of many Vampire and Ghost-Hunting Dog stories and the young adult fantasy series Tales of the Travelers. She’s a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Dog Writers of America Association and the editor for Steampunk Trails fiction magazine.

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So, how is it?
Tina stared at her phone, amazed she had cell service, then back out the window of her parents’ car.
OMG. Just…OMG. I can’t believe they’re doing this to me, she texted back.
When Jessica didn’t reply, Tina sighed. It’s like being on Mars. All red and brown and flat. No trees. Some mountains, I guess. Alien. Horrible. She sent that text and waited.

Her phone beeped, searching for signal, then found reception again.
Hugs. I’ll come visit soon. I miss you. Gotta go. TTYL.
Tina put her phone away and stared out the window. She saw nothing out there. No stores, no restaurants, no school, no people. Just empty desert–horrible.

“Honey, we’re almost there,” her mom said, sounding excited.
“Almost where?” she muttered, crossing her arms and glaring at her feet.
Her dad glanced over his shoulder with a big grin on his face. “Almost home, sweetheart.”
“Almost to hell,” she said, even more quietly so her parents wouldn’t hear. Even the radio broadcast more static than music as reception faded in and out.

Tina went back to staring out the window since it was marginally more interesting than her feet. She supposed she would have to get used to the view. Like it or not, she couldn’t escape this hellhole until she went to college. The next two years would drag before she could return to lush green trees that dotted the concrete sea of New Jersey.

Her dad slowed and turned off the highway onto a dirt road. The car bumped, waking her little sister, Betsy.
“Are we there yet?” Her sister stretched and glanced out the window. She paused mid-stretch and Tina could see the surprise on her face. “Wow!”

Tina shook her head. Of course Betsy would be excited.
“This is so cool!” She bounced in her seat. Or maybe that was the potholes in the road. Did they ever fix things out here?
Tina ground her teeth. All she could see in the distance were more of the weird, red mountain things and a dirt road stretching to nowhere. “Where is this place we’re supposed to be going?”
“Home, sweetie,” her mom said in a sugary sweet tone.
“Sure, if we were Martians.”
“Tina Harker,” her dad said. “Do not talk that way to your mother.”
Tina sank down in her seat and crossed her arms again. This totally sucks, she thought to herself. She tried not to hit her head on the top of the sedan as they jolted down what was supposed to be a road.
“Hey, look, a house!” Betsy bounced again in her seat. This time Tina knew it wasn’t just the bad road. “And, Tina, a horse. Maybe they’ll let you ride it.”

Tina sighed and tried to ignore her little sister. Her parents had obviously sold the ten-year-old on the adventure, but Tina had left more behind than Betsy. Not wanting to see any horses right now, she didn’t even try to look. She missed Frankie, the thoroughbred she had leased for over a year. It wasn’t fair that she had to leave him behind. Tina had planned on buying him, but with the move, there was no way. Her parents had told her there were plenty of horses in Arizona and she’d find one there. They didn’t understand. She didn’t want just any horse. She wanted her horse.

Tears welled in her eyes, and she took a couple of deep breaths, trying not to cry.

A few minutes later, they passed another house on Tina’s side of the car and she couldn’t help but stare. A fence surrounded a large, dusty yard. The front porch seemed welcoming, except that one side sagged dangerously and the chipped tan paint peeled badly.

She wondered if anyone actually lived there. She didn’t see anyone, but saw a swing set in the yard and a rusty pickup parked in the backyard. It reminded her of a bad T.V. show.

Ages later, they passed a couple more houses in better repair than the last. Finally her dad pulled off the bumpy non-road onto another bumpy non-road. They continued for another small eternity before Tina saw a cluster of buildings that looked like stores. Her dad turned down something like a main street and stopped in front of one of the small stores.
“Welcome to Golton, kids.”

Tina looked around her, horrified. “I thought you said we were moving to a town.”
Her dad smiled at her and opened the car door. “It’s a ghost town.”

Tina stared while he got out and stretched. The hot blast of dry air made sweat bead on her forehead, and then quickly dry. She felt like her skin would crack. Her dad shut the door, but with the car off, it would heat up fast. She didn’t want to get out, but she couldn’t stay in. Betsy had already jumped out and, as usual, bounced around her dad.

The heat made her wish she were wearing a halter-top, but the intense sun made her glad that her shirt covered her shoulders. The tan she had from riding her horse wasn’t enough to protect her.

She wondered if her dad joked about this being Golton. Forget about ghosts. There was nothing here to haunt.
“Come on, honey, let’s go see the store.”
Tina sighed. Maybe it would be air-conditioned.

Her dad talked quietly with the man behind the counter. The store had a little of everything, but not much of any one thing, and no variety. If you wanted toothpaste, you got Crest. If you wanted apples, you got red. Tina folded her arms across her chest and tried to pretend she was in a bad horror movie and she’d eventually be rescued and taken back to civilization, but not before the movie-monster got her sister.

Speaking of horror movies…Tina picked up a book called Missing in Arizona. The intro page said something about Golton being an area with a large number of disappearances.
“Tina, come here for a minute,” her dad called.

She hastily put down the book, hoping it was a joke, and joined her dad. Betsy shook the clerk’s hand.
“Tina, this is Mike. He owns this store,” her dad said.

The man behind the counter had the brownest skin she’d ever seen with short, jet black hair and an easy grin. He looked about her dad’s age, forty or so.

“Hi,” Tina said, smiling, and trying not to stare. She offered her hand and managed not to ask Mike if he was a real Indian.
Betsy had the benefit of being ten. “Tina, guess what? He’s a real Indian. A Nav…” She hesitated and looked up at Mike.
He smiled down at the little girl. “Navajo.”

“Betsy, they are Native Americans,” Tina’s mom said, sounding horrified.
Mike smiled at Betsy and winked. “Navajo,” he repeated.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Tina said, glad to meet another human in this desolate waste.
“It’s nice to meet you, too, Tina. Welcome to Golton. If there is anything you need and we don’t have it here, I can probably order it for you.” He smiled again. He had an accent, but Tina didn’t know if it was because he was a Native American or an Arizonian.

“Thanks,” Tina said. “Hey, that book back there said a lot of people go missing here. What’s up with that?”
He shrugged. “Conspiracy theories mostly. Seems like people go hiking in the desert and get lost and die. Stay close to civilization until you know your way around and you’ll be fine.”
“Thanks!” Tina was glad to know that the book wasn’t serious.

“It’s good to see you again, Mike. I just wanted to introduce the girls and my wife,” Tina’s dad said.
“Oh, those government boys were by the house with your things yesterday. I stopped in, didn’t seem like they were making too much of a mess, so I left them to it. My wife locked up after them. I’ll call her and have her meet you there with the other set of keys,” Mike said.

“Thanks.” Her dad placed the money for Betsy’s candy bar on the counter, and reached across to shake Mike’s hand.
They spoke for a few more minutes, but Tina tuned her parents and Mike out and glanced at some of the knickknacks in the store.

Finally, her parents and Betsy headed for the door. Tina followed them outside.
“See, it’s not so bad here,” her dad said, opening the car door. “Lots of nice people.”
Tina wondered where the other people were, but she didn’t feel like getting into another argument. At least not right then.
The car had baked in the sun and it hadn’t completely cooled down by the time her dad stopped again in front of a house. It was a two-story house with wooden siding and a large front porch. It looked like it may have been painted sometime in the past decade. As an added bonus, the porch only sagged slightly in the middle.

“There’s a fence,” Betsy said, bouncing again. “Can we get a dog, since we have a yard and a fence?”
Tina rolled her eyes. Their townhouse back in Jersey wasn’t big enough for a dog, or at least that’s what her parents kept saying.

“We’ll talk about it once we get settled,” her dad said.
“Cool.” Betsy nodded, as if they had already decided they would get a dog.
Tina wondered if she could talk her parents into a horse if Betsy got a dog. She doubted it. Especially since the horse she wanted lived in New Jersey. Frankie probably wouldn’t like it here anyway. Tina didn’t.

The hot, dry air blasted her as she stepped out of the car. The paint was probably white at one point, but it looked kind of yellowish now, though it hadn’t started to peel yet. It reminded Tina of a farmhouse out of an old movie.
Her mom had a funny expression on her face, kind of like the first time she’d tasted Betsy’s cooking and had to pretend she liked it. She stared at the house.

Tina’s dad put his arm around her and gave her a hug. “Just needs a little fixing up.”
“Well, let’s go explore,” her mom said after another few moments of silence. She sounded as cheery as before, but Tina wasn’t quite convinced. Betsy, on the other hand, seemed excited.
“Look, we’re in a real house, with space and stuff. Can we get a swing set?” She bounced up the front porch and tried the doorknob. “It’s locked.”

“I have the key,” her dad said, following Betsy.
Tina placed her foot gingerly on the steps up to the front door. They also sagged in the middle, but at least held her weight.
“Tina, I bet it’s haunted,” Betsy said once they were inside. “Look at this old picture. Think she’s still here?”
Betsy pointed to a portrait of a woman on the wall. She wore a bonnet like in an old movie and a dress with flowers on it. Tina wasn’t sure, but she thought the woman might have been a Native American.

Her dad laughed. “Mike assured me the house wasn’t haunted. This house has been in his family for a long time.”
“I thought Indians lived in teepees,” Betsy said.

“Some of them used to, honey. Most of them live in houses these days,” Tina’s mom said.
Tina turned away from the picture. A lighter spot on the yellowed wallpaper next to it had probably held another picture. She noticed stairs to the second floor that started right by the front door. The bare wood floor looked polished, probably by years of footsteps. The kitchen was straight back from the front door, and there was another room opened off to her left. Their new house didn’t seem terribly large, but it was bigger than their townhome in Jersey.
Huffing, Tina glanced around. “Is there electricity?”

Both her mom and dad gave her the don’t-be-ridiculous look.
“Hey, a fireplace,” Betsy shouted from the living room. “Can we have a fire, Mom?”
“When it is cooler, dear.”

Tina sighed and followed the sound of her sister’s voice into the living room. Their stylish leather couch and loveseat were completely out of place across from the stone fireplace. Boxes were stacked everywhere and spilled into the kitchen. She wandered toward the kitchen.
Betsy screamed.


Lucky 7 Snippet

I’ve never done one of these before, and thanks to Heather Van Fleet for tagging me, y’all get a sneak peak at my upcoming New Adult Romance…finishing up edits as we speak. Woot Woot! Anyway, the rules seem pretty straight forward. The rules are below:


Go to page 7 or 77 in your current WIP.

Go to line 7

Post on your blog the next 7 sentence or 7 lines—as they are!

Tag 7 people and do the same

My 7 unlucky, I mean Lucky 7 friends are: Sunniva Dee, Laura Thalassa, Gabbie Duran, Lynn Vorman, Joanne Wadsworh, Julie Campbell, and AC Wilson!  Woot Woot!


Here are my Luck 7 Snippet Lines 🙂


I watched her closely, wondering why the uncertainty in her voice. “No, not yet. I’ll wait until after I’ve talked to the coaches there. I still haven’t heard from them, officially anyway.”
“Oh.” Kellie perked up. “Maybe you should call them.”
“I will, but not right now. I’ve got some last minute studying to do before my finals next week.”
“Okay. Do you need help?” Kellie’s words sounded more like a purr. She moved closer, trailing her fingers down my chest.


And since Heather tagged me, I’ve added her 7 lines below for y’all to enjoy, too! Have a good day ❤

The Imperfect Try by Heather Van Fleet:

Resolved with the fact that he needed to apologize, he jumped up to follow her.

“Wait.” He cleared his throat, pulling her back around by the shoulder.

She stiffened under his touch but didn’t move away.

“Look, can we, I don’t know, start over or something? I mean, I know I was an ass this afternoon, but I wanna get to know you…” Touch you.

Oh hell. Where’d that shit come from?

“I…” Slowly, she lifted her chin, her lip pulled between her teeth as she met his gaze.

That’s when he saw it—the marring of her beautiful face. What the hell? “What the fuck happened to your eye?”

Winners Wahoooooooo

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas. My family is winding down (thank goodness) and we’ve certainly been blessed this season. This was my families first Christmas in our new home and I can’t get enough of all things Christmas…probably because I hate putting it all away and I’m now in ‘procrastination’ mode. 

Anyway, the winners have been picked for my Holiday E-book Giveaway and I want to say thanks so much to everyone who participated. I also want to thank all my super, awesome author friends who generously donated one or more of their books to my pile: Joanne Wadsworth, Laura Thalassa, Amy Jones, Katy O’Dowd, Julie Campbell, Sean Hayden, Jen Wylie, and Heather Van Fleet, thank you. This giveaway wouldn’t have been as great without you all. See below for a full list of WINNERS! Wahooooooo.  Off to bed now. Night 🙂

Lindsay Thibodaux

Ann Archambault Waters

Mark Bolles

Brittany Wendtland

Maari Krogfoss

Keisha Rector Carpenter,

Kim Baggett Light

Angela Nelson

Holly Letson

Csilla Kerekes

Sara Morrison

Congrats to you all 😀 Thanks everyone who entered. I’ll have more fun things to win in the new year. Merry Christmas 

Holiday E-book Giveaway Author Spotlight: Jen Wylie, Sean Hayden AND Julie Campbell


Life has been such a crazy mess and I’ve had the worst freaking headache which is why I’ve been absent the last few days. So sorry, y’all 😦 Don’t forget to sign up for a chance to win some amazing e-books for Christmas. Only one day left to enter (click >here<). Since I’ve lacked at promoting, here’s not one, but 3 authors and their exciting books donated to the pile of goodies.

First up we have Julie Campbell. Julie has become such a great friend and i have no idea what I would do without her kick ass technical skills….I have NONE. Julie, thanks for being fabulous 😀 Back to her books: Not only has she agreed to giveaway Sabaska’s Tale, but also a great bundle of stories you won’t want to miss called Steampunk Trails. Each author has added their flare of imagination and cleverness. The creativity continues to stay with me, I simply adored Steampunk Trails. I’m not a steampunk junkie, but Julie and her cohorts have driven me to places I never knew existed, and isn’t that what books are for? So, I’d jump on this bandwagon of goodies quick! As far as Sabaska’s Tale, I can’t express how much I loved this adventure. Be sure to check out my review on Goodreads to learn more!

Second author spotlight is Sean Hayden. First I’d like to say how honored I am. Sean took a chance on me, an unknown, and helped make my dream a reality. Sean, thanks and I’m super glad we’re friends…you’re still a nerd 😉 (Now back to being professional and stuff)  Sean’s sense of humor is endless and his donated book, My Soul to Keep, hands-down showcases his unique, corky personality in each of his characters. One of my favorite aspects of this book is the MC, Connor, is a 15 year old boy….smart-mouthed and all. He and his sister’s relationship cracked me up and is VERY accurate to real life interactions between siblings. Demons, Angels and Vampires, Oh my! <<<sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I think you’re gonna love My Soul to Keep….be sure to give Sean a shout out on his FB page, along with a little nudge to help him finish the second book in this series 😉 *insert evil laugh here*

Last but certainly not least, we have Jen Wylie. What to say about her that I haven’t said before? She’s great, not only is she an amazing editor (my boss), but she is a fantastic person and friend. Jen, I have NO idea what I would have done without you. Your brilliance helped Hope’s Decree shine bright like a diamond (I’ve seen this logo on way too many shirts today while shopping. Shoot me now!) I’m so glad to call ya a friend 😀 You so Rock! On to her book: Jen has donated Broken Aro (The Broken Ones, #1). I could go on and freaking on about how much I adored this book, but I won’t bore you with my thoughts…um, yes I will. Aro is a young girl who is forced from one terrible situation to another. Devastation and heartache fill the pages early on, but not to worry, good (amazing) stuff happens, too. Aro bonds with a group of unexpected heros who eventually become her adopted family. To say this book is good is such an understatement. Broken Aro will have you running out to grab the second book in this series, Broken Prince (a-freaking-mazing) to find out what happens next.

So, long story short, Sabaska’s Tale, Steampunk Trails, My Soul to Keep and Broken Aro are all amazing reads and YOU have a chance to win one! Wahoo! Click >here< to enter.





Julie Campbell’s Character Interview for Sabaska’s Tale

Welcome to my first group of interviewees. Today we have Sabaska, Anna and Cahir.

***This interview may contain spoilers if you’ve not read Sabaska’s Tale.***

Sabaska's Tale (Tales of the Travelers, #1)


Angela: Sabaksa, thank you for joining us today. Let’s get started. What was life like growing up?

Sabaska: Our home world was destroyed years ago by the Vanir, so we had to find new places to live. The herd I grew up with chose a heavily forested world to raise their children on and call home. Travelers can’t actually Travel to different worlds until they are two, although they can Travel around their own world much younger. Though we don’t all call the same world home, we have pretty typical upbringings. Storytellers teach the stories of our kind, we learn to defend ourselves and pretend to be horses. We get to choose what path we want to take in life. Many stay home, but many of us go out in search of new stories and to fight against the Vanir.

Angela: Aside from Amir, do you speak with other Travelers?

Sabaska: Of course. Though Amir and I haven’t introduced Anna and Cahir to the rest of our people, we have regular meeting points and even some schools where our partners can learn about us from others who know the history. The magical barrier that prevents us from communicating is very frustrating, but we’ve found ways around it.

Angela: Can you tell us which world is your favorite?

Sabaska: There are so many. I particularly like the world Orlinza lives on. She’s an Alfar who has been fighting with us since the beginning of the war that destroyed our home world. Some of the worlds have more cities, even more than Anna’s home, Earth. Some are much more magical. I think I prefer the magical ones. Travelers stand out in cities.

Angela: This may be difficult to talk about, but can you share what it was like riding with Sherrie? Maybe some of your favorite moments before she passed?

Sabaska: Sherrie was my first partner and if I hadn’t desperately needed to complete our mission, I might have retired when she was killed. We traveled together for many years and it was like we were an extension of each other. Unless you’ve really felt that kind of bond, you can’t understand what it was like. Humans believe in souls, and it felt like mine was ripped out when she died. My favorite moments were the quiet ones in the mountains near her home. We didn’t have to worry about anything meaner than a mountain lion and we could know some peace.

Angela: What made you trust Cahir to ride with you?

Sabaska: I knew what he had to give up to ride with me. He gave up a lot of power and prestige and luxury.

Angela: You seemed to know Anna would be your rider. As if the choice was predestined. Do you regret your choice?

Sabaska: Anna had a lot of the same qualities that made me chose Sherrie. She handled our first mission far better than I ever could have expected. No, I don’t regret my choice at all.

Angela: Wow. We’ve learned so much from you today. I can’t wait to read more about you and your adventure….hopefully soon *wink*


Angela: Anna, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions today. *gives a welcoming smile, then looks to handheld notebook*  You’ve learned and dealt with so much, and in such a sort period of time. What keeps you pushing forward?

Anna: Oh man, well, sometimes you just have to keep going. If it’s important enough, you’ll fight for it. Right? Besides, the horses couldn’t defend themselves, so someone had too.

Sabaska: *Nudges Anna and nickers softly*

Cahir: Most people wouldn’t have cared enough, Anna. You’re special.

Anna: No, just stubborn.

Cahir: Well, that too.

Angela: *sifts in seat and clears throat*

 Sabaska: *nickers in laughter*

Angela: You definitely seem to have your grandmother’s spirit. Do you think traveling with Sabaska will be a life long commitment, like your grandmother had?

Sabaska: *Emphatically tosses head*

Anna: I guess that answers that question. I can’t imagine life without Sabaska in it. It’ll be tough while I’m still in school, but we managed to survive our first adventure, so school can’t be that bad. Can it?

Angela: When you were in the field collecting crystals, you seemed to be able to use their magic to defend yourself when you were attacked. Has this power or energy affected you in any way?

Anna: Wow, I’m glad Cahir missed that question. Yeah, um, no, I hope not. As badly as Raymond reacted to that, I can’t imagine anything good would come out of it. Well, except that we’re still alive.

Angela: Have you Traveled to any other worlds with Sabaska since returning home? *eagerly leans forward in chair*

Anna: Not yet. I can’t wait for the next one though. Where too next, Sabaska?

Sabaska: *snort*

Angela: Do you miss the adventure?

Anna: Regular life is kind of dull now, but I’m still healing from some of my injuries so having a break is kind of nice.

Sabaska: *nods*

Cahir: I think she’ll get bored pretty quickly.

Angela: I can only imagine the feelings you felt when you discovered who Cahir really was. Do you think you could learn to trust Cahir again?

Anna: *Glares at Cahir.* Maybe.

Angela: *clears throat, again* The connection between the two of you seemed stronger and hard to ignore. Is this so?

Anna: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Cahir: Anna…

Anna: No, really. No idea whatsoever.

Angela: Have you told your best friend, Karen, about your death-filled summer? If so, how did she take the news? Did she believe you?

Anna: Not yet. There’s no way she’d believe me. I made up stories about camping and stuff. She’s gonna be mad that I didn’t tell her the truth if she ever finds out, but really, what could I say?

Angela: Well, I think that sums it up for, Anna. Thank you.


Angela: Now to you Cahir, can you shed light on the world you grew up on?

Cahir: Well, I don’t really remember much about the world I was born on. As soon as they discovered I had the ability to be a Tracker, or in the old terminology a Farer, they took me to the schools on Vanaheim. My sister had magical talent too, so she went along. We grew up in the school. It’s in the mountains, very pretty, but it has really high, thick walls too. There are creatures on that world that hunt those with magical talent so we couldn’t go out too much except for survival classes until Cathleen learned the skills necessary to protect us. Trackers have the natural ability to teleport to any place they’ve already been. We can’t use magic though.

Anna: Really? Why?

Cahir: Don’t know, that’s just the way it is.

Sabaska: *stomps the ground and lays ears flat.*

Anna: Something about that bothers her, but I don’t know what.

Angela: *furrows brows* What was your training like, and what age did you begin to practice magic?

Cahir: Like I said, I don’t do magic, except for the teleporting thing. Training involved a lot of different things. Survival skills, intense work on refining my ability to teleport, lots of classes, history, things like that.

Anna: So you didn’t grow up riding horses?

Cahir: We did that too.

Angela: Interesting. You grew up to be a mage, with the intention of capturing Travelers. Knowing what you do now, do you think others like yourself would change their way of thinking toward Travelers?

Cahir: No, not really. I think a lot of them do know, and they simply don’t care.

Anna: Figures.

Angela: What made you change your mind and turn against your family to help Anna and Sabaska?

Cahir: Well, it seemed wrong. And, well, I decided I liked Anna. After I found out how closely she and Sabaska were connected, I knew I couldn’t hurt one without hurting the other.

Sabaska: *nudges Cahir on the arm and nickers sympathetically.*

Angela: Do you regret the time spent with Anna?

Cahir: No, of course not. She’s an amazing young woman and I really hope I get to spend more time with her.

Anna: Right….

Angela: Well, that was super fun. I’ll guess I should let y’all get back to your lives.

~The End~

That’s it y’all, I hope you enjoyed learning more about Julie’s characters. Liked the interview, but haven’t read Sabaska’s Tale? No worries. Simply click one of the links below, and dive into Julie’s tale of, mystery, action, and intrigue.

Goodreads *** Amazon *** Createspace *** Book Depository *** Barnes&Noble

Click below to learn more about Julie and her other super fun books


Twitter: @PFirewolf



More Listed Characters for the Interview

As promised, the final list of characters I’m interviewing. Ready? See below!


Sabaksa’s Tale by J. A. Campbell 

Sabaska's Tale (Tales of the Travelers, #1)

Interview includes: The one and only Sabaska, Anna, and Cahir.

Want to learn more about Sabaska’s world? How Anna is dealing with Cahir’s betrayal? Why Cahir decided to help Anna in the end?   List questions in comments.


My Soul to Keep by Sean Hayden

My Soul to Keep (Rise of the Fallen, #1)

See Sean’s witty characters chat it up: Connor, Clarisse, Caelyn and of course, Jessica will be there supporting Connor 😉 


The Lady Astronomer by Katy O’Dowd

The Lady Astronomer

Meet Katy’s crazy, fun characters: Freddie, Lucretia, and we can’t have one without the other, we’ll also chat with the lemur, and the owl!


Now, on to my characters from Hope’s Decree

Hope's Decree (Fated, #1)

Trinity, Blain, and it wouldn’t be the same without Morpheus.

Eek! I can’t wait to have all these great character’s over. The interview’s will be up next month, so be sure to keep checking in. 

Have a great weekend!



Want to ask your favorite character a specific question? Be sure to leave them in the comments. 

Interview with Julie Campbell


Meet and greet with author Julie Campbell (J.A. Campbell)

Q: I’ve read Sabaska’s Tale and just loved it! Do have a particular section you enjoyed writing most?  

A: I really enjoyed writing the action scenes and the maze scene at the end. I really like to write action scenes, and it seems like I enjoy beating up my characters. Another section I enjoyed was the trip Anna takes with Raymond to a mountain top she’d never have seen otherwise. The scenery was beautiful to write.

Ooh, I remember the mountain top!

Q: How many books will be in this series? 

A: My plan is for three initially featuring Sabaska. After those three, we’ll see. 

I’m also working on a prequel that features a Traveler named Saga. It happens far in the past. 

Nice! Will be on the look out for that one as well. 

Q: Do you have a title in mind for the second book? Will there be any new characters, love interests for Anne? 

A: Anne’s best friend, Karen will be heavily involved. No new love interests planned so far, but you never know who’s going to pop up. There will be some new bad guys and some new good guys.

I will definitely be keeping my fingers crossed for more romance 😉

Q: I loved Anne! She’s strong, honest, and is pretty resilient (considering her age and the obstacles she faces). Was she an easy character to write? Does her character represent someone close to you?

A: She wasn’t super hard to write, but all characters have their challenges and adding some emotional depth was hard for me. I had a lot of good surface stuff, but I needed to add in some more to really make her real. Thankfully I have good editors. LOL. She doesn’t represent anyone that I know of, but everyone I know ends up in a story somehow. Bwahahaha.

Um, since we’re friends, should I be worried? LOL Writing emotional stuff can be hard at times, I know, but all the characters in Sabaska’s Tale are filled with emotion. Nicely done, Julie. 

Q: Okay, so there are some really yummy guys in Sabaska’s Tale. I really loved Cody (who wouldn’t)! He’s a hot cowboy and is super sweet. Then we have Cahir, the mysterious guy with an accent. An accent! WOW. Anyway, if you could choose an actor to play their parts, who would you chose? (Can you tell us if Anne will end up with any of these cuties….or will there be someone else?)

A: Oh, jeeze… actors… well…

As for who Anne will end up with? That’d spoil the surprise. LOL.

Dang it! Don’t think I’m letting you off the hook ma’am. 😉

Q: I’m a total romance junkie, what genre of books do you prefer?  

A: Fantasy and Sci Fi, or to go broader, Speculative Fiction.

Cool…I’ve got to work on adding Romance to your list 😉

Q: Outside of writing, what do you do? 

A: There’s an outside of writing? Oh, wait… right… I have a Border Collie named Kira and we compete in herding trials and I have an Arabian Mare named Triska that I’m training and we do a lot of trail riding. I do have a day job as well. I also read a ton and occasionally see my friends.

WOW! I’m tired just reading about your ‘off’ time. Rest, woman! Wait, scratch that…write, woman! 

Q: What time of day do you prefer to write? 

A: All day? Though mornings are never good. I prefer afternoons, evenings and nights.

Me too! But I’m more of a night owl. 

Q: What type of music do you listen to and do you have to have it playing while writing?

A: Hmm, I have a very eclectic mix on my mp3 player and I do listen to music a lot while I write. Things like Metallica, Chris LeDoux, Breaking Benjamin, TV sound tracks, um… I even have one pop song on there, and some Metal, some 80’s, some foreign stuff, some indy suff, Industrial, yeah, etc is the word. I don’t make playlists, I just put it on random.

That’s some list. I now have a visual of you jamming out to ’80 rock bands while writing ST2. LOL


Fun stuff about our alien author

Q: Rain or Sun?

A: Sun, though living in Colorado, I don’t dislike the rain anymore. (well, except recently, floods and all.)

Q: Favorite color

A: Black and Purple

Q: Are you superstitious? 

A: A little

Q: Pizza or spaghetti

A: OMG Pizza all the way

Q: Snow-cone or ice cream

A: Ice Cream 


I love fantasy books in general, but I wasn’t too sure what to think of Sabaska’s Tale before I read it. I like horses, but worried if a story about a horse would keep me wanting to read more…it did, AND I didn’t feel like I was reading just a horse book. I’m a HUGE romance fan and knowing the author, I didn’t think romance would play too big of a role. Again, I was proven wrong. Ms. Campbell is such a fantastic author. She definitely kept me up late reading through the night in order to finish her book. (She may be one of those aliens I’ve mentioned. The ones who keep you hooked until the end and then suddenly, its over and you have to wait for the next one. She’s on my alien radar now.) 

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 A huge thanks to Julie Campbell for stopping by and chatting with us today. Be sure to check in later for more news about author interviews 😉